Weld Racing Wheels - 1979-93 Mustang

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Weld Racing, a market leader in forged wheel technology for your Mustang, was started in 1967. The vision was to build stronger, lighter and truer wheels for both on and off the race track. The technology that dominates Drag Racing and Oval Track Racing is shared with the Car, Truck, and Motorcycle wheel lines. In addition, Weld Racing wheels are newly available for Sand Sports and Off-Road racing.

The Weld Racing organization is a group committed to producing cutting-edge forged alloy wheels of the highest quality to enhance the performance and appearance of race cars, off-road trucks, sand rails, luxury pickups, SUV's, premium motor cars, customs, hot rods, and motorcycles. Shop LatemodelRestoration.com for high quality Weld Racing wheels

Weld Racing Wheels
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