Excellent customer service. - Frank Passarelli

Excellent customer service.

Hello, Good Afternoon. I had spoke to a customer service rep yesterday and Yes I am impressed with how they handle any complaints. This all started when I was LQQKING for Ford Mustang Parts for my 2 vehicles that have White interiors. Can't find any used parts, so I ordered new but in Grey and i was going to Paint them White. After finding the correct paint i ordered it. I had used the Vinyl paint first, then the other day I went to use the regular paint for metal parts and It didn't work out of the box sort to speak,So I called with my invoice in hand. And Yes, they surprised me with a re-order at no charge. Thats impressive. I guess I will just throw out the bad can, or recycle it where I can. Must have been a Bad Valve because the nozzles were clear. Since i had ordered a can for vinyl and a can for metal.
Thanks LRS.You guys are KWEL. Frank Passarelli owner of {1} 1993 Triple White LX Convert.& {1} 1990 7-UP LX Convt.


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