Web Site Feedback - Will

Web Site Feedback

Actually id like to let u know that i heard about yall from both 'Muscle Mustang'and '5.0 Super Fords. Since the first day I got my stang I bought every single little piece i needed from yall and havent been disappointed at all! A few pieces I have bought are a 4in. cowl hood, saleen spolier, 6 pc. clear headlight kit,Kool kit,GT Front bumper cover,weatherstripping kit and many more small things(too many to list!). And the quality of these parts has been exceptional. I have no complains at all, and would also like to comment on your service. I have takin a trip up there to Waco to visit your grounds and was greeted with utmost courtesy. Heck, even as i was leavin,after picking up my hood, i was greeted by a man giving me and my mom 2 free t-shirts(by the way they look awesome). Well anyway, my mustang is in the process of getting painted and will be ready August 14th. I have a page at cardomain at which i post my project and update the pics everyday almost. I was wondering if you might be interested in using my stang as a feature ride on your site or whatever. I have no problem with this and would be honored. I will definetely have the pics up August 14th for everyone to see the day i get it back. I was just wanting to thank you for helping me through this project and supplying me the parts I needed. Good luck to all of yall and the business.


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