Fox Body Convertible Top Installation - Thanks! - Adam Penrod

Fox Body Convertible Top Installation - Thanks!

I recently purchased a GREAT convertible top replacement kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply, for my fox body mustang. After calling multiple local upholstery/top shops for an installation price estimate, I learned it was going to cost nearly twice as much as the price of the kit, just to have the new top installed. So I then decided to take on the daunting challenge of replacing the top myself. Thanks to the convertible top installation instructions found on the LRS website downloads page I was able to complete the removal of the old top, and the installation of the new one in a few evenings. I sure wish I would have known about the convertible top installation DVD that LRS sells, but it all worked out anyways. Keep in mind, this is definitely not a one person job, I had to enlist the help of my girlfriend, and a buddy from school to get the job done. Nobody wants a drop top that is falling apart, or is missing the back window, so take my advice, and buy the convertible top kit from LRS, and remember if a couple of us teenagers can install an excellent looking convertible top, any average do it yourself person should be able to install one as well. Thanks again, Latemodel Restoration Supply for a great convertible top and very decent installation instructions.
Note: For anyone actually doing a top installation, it is best to... have a well lit garage to work in, a few basic hand tools (including a staple gun), a second person to help, detailed instructions with pictures, containers or plastic bags to keep the old hardware in order and reuse, and most importantly use the old top as a pattern, by taking pictures of the removal of the old top, and documenting the process... These tips will greatly help in a successful top installation, but like LRS says, "If you feel this installation is over your head, please take your car to a local upholsterer or top shop." Good Luck!


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