Back ordered part - James Hain

Back ordered part

I recently ordered the master clutch kit for my 5.0. Upon my order I received an email from Bryan Mertz stating that the flywheel included in the kit was back ordered. The great thing was that in the email Bryan not only apologized for the part being out of stock but included an estimated arrival of when the product was expected to be in stock. On top of this he also offered me a substituted part so that my order could be shipped.

My decision was to hold off on the substituted part and wait the initial estimated 6-8 days so that I could get the FFRP flywheel that was back ordered. On the day the back ordered part was supposed to arrive I checked my ordered and noticed that the back ordered flywheel ship date was pushed back until 7/16/10 from the initial 5/10/10.

Realizing I could not afford to wait until July for my car to be put back together I contacted Bryan and stated that I changed my mind and could not afford to wait until the back ordered product arrived. I stated that I would rather take the substituted part that he had offered me since it was in stock. Bryan contacted me back and said that was not an issue at all and that my order should be shipped out that same day.

Bryan did a great job staying in constant communication with me and and notifying me of any changes. Great customer service and commitment to making sure the customer is happy. That's why I shop at Latemodel Restoration, they don't swing you around like the other companies and are always ready to make sure the customer is pleased.


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