The Reason I Bought My Fox - Harris Lue

The Reason I Bought My Fox

When i was about 12 years old my cousin had the LRS catalog and the Calypso fox i saw in it caught my eye right away. I then thumbed through it and instantly noticed the variety of parts and the low costs of most everything, and even in my f&f fan days i fell in love with that calypso fox. it was only 3 years later and i was standing in a mans driveway staring at a '93 Calypso LX that with an exchange of $800 was my baby for life. I have since then been through 2 LRS catalogs and about $1500 worth of great parts! I can say that i havent found a better company to shop with or a bigger influence on my love for mustangs. Thank you and keep up the great work, you have gained a customer for life.


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