Lost Delivery - Christopher Murphy from Germantown, MD

Lost Delivery

I ordered some front brakes and some speedometer parts for a weekend working in the garage. LRS shipped my parts UPS and I recieved confirmation that parts had been delivered (on time). However UPS stated they left the package at my front door, so i ran home from work to put them inside. When i got home nothing was there so i went to the front office, they usually leave all packages there, and they had nothing. I tried calling UPS, i got an automated system that only gave you 4 options, none of which were to speak to a human being. I tried to email UPS and they said they only talk to the shipper. So pissed off I called, LRS to notify them. TOny (didnt get his last name) picked up my call and immediately filed a claim with UPS. Within 5 minutes i had a call from a human being (go figure) at UPS and they stated they were on the case. I got a follow up call right after that from Tony explaining he was sending a replacment order to get me my parts asap. Later a neighbor (elderly woman) called my office to tell them my package was at her house, but was too heavy for her to lift. I called LRS and cancelled the replacment shipment. Just want to say its nice to work with a company that still understands the need for the human touch. My calls to LRS took 5 minutes total (for 3 calls!), i spent 20 minutes on UPS's stupid automated menu before it hung up on me. I will continue to use LRS as my Mustang supplier. Great work guys!


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