Silver RTR 19" Mustang Wheels - Clay Foushee from Annapolis, MD

Silver RTR 19" Mustang Wheels

It is pleasure to compliment LMR for its superior customer service. I received expert advice on the tire choice for this wheel, and the order was processed and shipped very quickly. I've never had a set of mounted wheels and tires arrive fully boxed and wrapped inside. To me, that illustrates an extra measure of care that the merchandise will arrive in perfect condition.

I've been waiting more than a year for a tasteful, classically-designed silver wheel to become available for the new 5.0 that will clear the factory Brembo brake package. The choices in 19's were non-existent except for black or gunmetal wheels, which I do not care for. The silver RTRs, larger 275/35-19 Nittos, coupled with a Eibach Pro-Kit spring drop make this Mustang finally look as beautiful as it should, but in a classic way, absent excessive bling.

Thanks LMR!!!


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