They should change their name to the Mustang Bible - Tammy from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

They should change their name to the Mustang Bible

Because that is what they are.

My Fox Mustang Coupe was stolen, gutted, and returned to me in pieces. I decided to put it back together and have purchased everything I need from Late Model Resto. Just got a brand new gas tank from them last week! If I can order the parts to put an entire Mustang together without even messing up my manicure, that is really something. Local auto parts stores don't have even half the stuff I need!! Yeah... try finding a sweet new T-5 Pro 5.0 shifter at AutoZone. HA! Not happening!

Best thing I have bought so far: Fender aprons... mine were rusted out and looked really horrible. Saw them on another site but wasn't too thrilled about seeing weld marks. Late Model's are STAMPED... i.e no weld marks and as close to factory as you can get! Well, except for the fact I won't have any holes! They are in and look AWESOME!

To put it into perspective what I am doing, I have attached a picture of the front of the car as I first saw it in the impound lot. The back is only worse... this is her best side. I know... how could it get worse... oh but, it does! Right after I took this picture, I cried. :( Things are looking up though!! Thanks Late Model Restoration!!



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