Service above and beyond - Robert Huawill from pearland , TX

Service above and beyond

WOW... I ordered some inner fender panels for my mustang... had some questions about them.. Lee Cox Jumped in and contacted the manufacturer handled the whole issue offered a couple different solutions to resolve the situation... that being said I attempted to save a couple dollars on shipping from American Muscle WOW WHAT A MISTAKE... NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! those idiots sent me a radiator core support with one layer of paper wrapped around it loosly inside a cardboard box two sizes to big for the part... when I opened it tabs bent, the mounts for radiator were destroyed.. ugggg that being said I attempted to contact them NO LUCK 6 days later I had to call them.... SERIOUSLY!!!!! they treated me like I was a liar and a con man... I offered to send the photo's they declined and said they would attempt to handle my concerns.. but nothing they could do for me at this time.... ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!!!! Thanks again Lee for all your timely contacts and efforts to MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY AS ALWAYS!!!!! WHAT A LEARNING EXPERIENCE... NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER FROM ANYONE BUT Y'ALL... MY BAD!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK LTR!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Huawill


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