Keep up the great work - Kenny

Keep up the great work

Your website is terrific. I've seen your magazine ads for the past few months now (I get Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, as well as 5.0), and I love the layout of those ads. LOTS of good information and pictures, which have allowed me to quickly find what I need. And, more importantly, helped me find things I didn't realize I needed -- thats a win-win situation, as I improve my car, and you get more business. Your website, which I visited for the first time today (and purchased from!), is just like your hardcopy ads. Great layout, and simple to navigate. Not confusing and slow like some other sites I have seen. I also really appreciate the lack of "fluff". No pop-ups, no bikini clad women -- just lots of products. Check-out was a snap, as well. I'm impressed. I hope you guy manage to keep things like they are, and not get caught up in the fluff like other companies do. Keep up the great work! Ps. I also liked having the coloring pages. I have two young boys, and they are going to love being able to color "daddy's car"!


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