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Outstanding Customer Service

Hey Guys,

Ordered the Ford Power Pack # M-FT1-MGT1 for my 2005 bone stock Mustang GT. Shipment arrived within 4 days including the day I ordered it. I was not home, called Customer Service, asked for help, with the name and phone number to the carrier. Received call back within 1 hour with carrier name and number. Was informed the carrier had been contacted and that they would call me directly shortly. 15 min's. later received call from carrier and will called the shipment that afternoon (yesterday 07-26-12).

Now that what I call Outstanding Customer Service.

I have the FORD cold air kit and FORD headers, one more part to get, the underdrive pully and I'm on my way to the shop for the install. Then I'm quietly on the hunt for some Camero's and Challengers.

These are the first bullets placed in my gun, but there are plans for even BIGGER bullets in the future.

Be careful on the West Coast, because some of us are low key (sleepers), which for me is best way to travel.

LA Stang


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