Project Father and Son - Darren Leslie from Atlanta, GA

Project Father and Son

L.M.R. has been a life saver for me. I recently started restoring my '91 Foxbody. This has meant the world to me. My father, who turned 72 years young in June, has been doing antique restoration all of his natural life. As awesome as this is, the two of us haven't had the pleasure of doing a project together. What's even more, he is scheduled to have surgery to repair a damage group of bones in his hand, in October. He says this will be the last car that he works on. Time of course, was always a factor. Finances, on the other hand, has been the tallest hurdle to overcome.

I bought this car over ten years ago, and it has been sitting in the garage for over 7 of those years. Once I discovered LMR, I could no longer come up with any excuses. With the prices and availability of any and every part for my project, I had to make this a priority.

My dad and i started on it about a month ago. This has been the best time the two of us have ever had together. It's like we were getting to know each other all over again. That's why I have given this restoration project the title, "Father and Son".

LMR, thanks a million for having all of these parts at the prices that you have. My dad and I will keep sanding, grinding, and ordering parts until this is finished. That's him in the picture, doing some last minute walk arounds before the paint goes on.

Stay tuned.

Darren Leslie


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