Order - Randy Baker from Beecher City, IL


I had my chech engine light come on after swapping different mufflers on my 2000 lightning.Took it to a shop to have codes ran. it showed I needed a new 02 sensor. So the shop installed a new front o2 sensor.I still had a chech engine light come on. After running the codes again the shop came up with the truck needed two rear 02 sensors.
so I ordered sve-mil o2 elimintor from you guys. I install the new part and I still had a check engine light come on on the dash. I called you guys up to tell you that the sve-mil o2 eliminator did not work in turning off my chech engine light.I did not want to return the part, I thought it to be to much trouble in shipping and the return. I just wanted to give you a report on how this part worked for me.I was suprise that in a couple days I receive another sve-milo2 eliminator from UPS.I install the new sve-milo2 eliminator. My dash light came back on again after clearing codes.So the second sve-milo2 eliminator did not work I install new rear o2 sensors, I still had check engine light and I still got a code that my rear o2 sensors were bad.

I am very impressed that you sent me the second sve-milo2 eliminator. It did not help.but with your attitude in trying to help me out when I did not ask, I am and was very impress that you did not shine me off. I have since place some moroe orders, my last with a total of $600.00+ .And I
plan to continue to buy from you guys for my LIGHTNING, AND NEXT for my wife 2005 Mustang GT. THANKS FOR BEING A STAND UP COMPANY.I plan to make your action pay off for you in placing future orders.I am sorry that I forgot the sales persons name that was great help. but thanks.


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