Excellent Service Stands by products ! - Floyd Sparkman from Angleton, TX

Excellent Service Stands by products !

Ordered Fog lights, sunroof weather stripping, console armrest, Etc. very quick delivery in texas, normal shipping gets me the part most of the time the next day so that is awesome. Had couple of items that where defective but not there fault. Like a fog light it showed up no crack in glass installed it no crack had no switch to power test them car did not move and next day one had cracked glass. It was just unexplainable maybe heat caused microfacture to open who knows, but LateModel did not argue & gave no hassle and relaced and shipped new light. I have a comitment to them now as long as i buy mustang parts i will be buying from them as i know for a fact that they will take great care to insure there Label stands out.
Oh yeah and so far no one beats there pricing and free shipping is awesome.


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