LRS Never Lets Ne Down! - Michael Geraldi from Merrick,N.Y, NY

LRS Never Lets Ne Down!

I haven't had a mustang in about 15 years so I'm having my midlife crisis at 38 and decide to pick up a clean 87 Mustang GT convertible, i got very lucky by finding a low mileage unmolested Fox body, LRS has been there for me since day one I'm starting out with little restoration parts for the interior and accessories for give it that clean stock That everyone falls in love with! The car looks better and better each day I especially love the stock blue molding tape and the billet interior parts! I want to introduce my five-year-old son to the Fox body world and hopefully in due time this car will be show ready thank you LRS for offering great customer service low prices and a Full stock of parts delivered quick to my door!

Michael Geraldi


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