Satisfied Customer - Michael

Satisfied Customer

Just wanted to send you guys a note of appreciation. Before discovering your outstanding catalog and extensive selection of parts, I used to dread the thought of trudging down to the Ford dealership and trying to explain to the parts desk what I needed for 45 minutes. Not anymore! Everything I've needed so far were just a few clicks away with your excellent website. Not to mention the superior selection and prices. Its great to see a company run by true enthusiasts with dedication and unbeatable service. You have no idea how much I wished for a company like this when I owned/restored other car more hunting through junkyards for slightly better parts! I've only ordered from your company twice so far, but I can promise you I will be a repeat customer. Your company is helping me reverse the effects of the previous owner on my 95 GT. I can't imagine working on this project with my trusty 5.0 resto catalog!!! Thanks again, and keep up the good work!


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