Great Customer Service - Jeff Falzone from Ft. Myers, FL

Great Customer Service

I recently had a major drive train install performed on my '99 Mustang Cobra SVT. This included a new aluminum racing driveshaft designed to fit the '03 - '04 Terminator Cobra applications. Once the shaft was delivered, my mechanic found that both the front slip yoke and the rear flange yoke as well as both u-joints were the wrong sizes for my application! Luckily, my mechanic had two new correctly sized u-joints delivered from a local parts store. He took both yokes from my old aluminum driveshaft and attached them to the new driveshaft in order to finish the install without any further down time delays. However, a nasty vibration was now present that wasn't there before the install. I found that one of the driveshaft eyelets were defective too! On two separate occasions, I spoke to Mike and Jay who assured me that they and Late Model were going to take care of me concerning these continuing issues with that new driveshaft by sending me another new shaft free of charge. This time though, they assured me that their QC manager would re-inspect the shaft before it left their facility to ensure that both yokes and the length would properly fit my application. Also, I was told that it was not necessary to spend additional shipping costs to send back the defective parts so there were no out of pocket expenses at all towards me for this situation! Wow, this may have been a major inconvenience having to spend a month dealing with the wrong shaft parts and then the vibration because of it....but Late Model's staff get mad props for their superior customer service. Both Mike and Jay were accommodating, sincere, polite, professional, and sympathetic to my problem without worrying about the cost to them. Now THAT is the example other businesses should follow! With any good fortune, some well-deserved raises will befall both Mike and Jay for going above and beyond. Thanx, guys!


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