Best Customer Service EVER !! - John S. from Lakes Region, NH

Best Customer Service EVER !!

Had a problem with an order/quality issue. I put up a review stating so, and was contacted by Mike Linley, who was soooo nice and sooo professional, I almost felt bad about my review !! I felt the review was necessary because of bad welds/paint. Mike explained that they had a particular issue with that supplier and they had changed suppliers because of it. I must have mistakenly got an old set. (upper/lower Control arms-Foxbody). Mike asked a few questions, and was Sending me an updated replacement set while we were on the phone.!!! This is what I wish all Vendors would do; no arguments, no blame, no B.S. !! This is why LateModel stands out as an upstanding company, and backs up their products with AWESOME Customer service. Very rare in this day and age, and because of this I will be a customer for life, and will spread the good word ! Great to know some honest and Classy companies still operate in the good ol' USA. Thanks LateModel, and Thanks Mike !!! I look forward to seeing the New LCA'S and will review them too...You guys did the right thing and should and I'm overly impressed!


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