Good selection, fast shipping - Daniel Parraz from Albuquerque, NM

Good selection, fast shipping

I purchased a few parts off of LMR and was happy with the selection that was carried for my vehicle, along with the fair price and fast shipping. I also ordered from a "big" name company on the same day to test the difference, and wished I would have bought everything from LMR, as the "big" name company took two days just to process and then finally ship my order, which was only one item, and I bought 4-5 items from LMR, and it was out the door and on the way to me the next day. The big name company products arrived about 3 days after my LMR order. Although I haven't had to contact LMR, but from what I have seen in reviews, they really do care about the customer, where as the big name parts companies could mostly care less if you have a problem with your order. I will continue to source parts for my vehicle from LMR and stay away from the big names in high performance auto parts.


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