Excellent Customer Service!!! - Jason Christie from Calgary AB, --

Excellent Customer Service!!!

I purchased some Corbeau GTS II seats from LRS on the black friday sale and unfortunately found 2 issues. A broken seat adjuster cover and some threads unfinished on a headrest.

Jeff Jimenez maintained EXCELLENT communication throughout the process working with Corbeau to resolve my issues. He was always extremely polite and often phoned just to let me know that they were still working on an issue with Corbeau over the holidays(due to Corbeau's limited hours).

I used to frequent a local Mustang distributor as i've run into issues previously with "mail order" parts showing up damaged. It happens but can be an awkward situation to work through. Jeff turned this mishap into an opportunity to show me how great LRS is at handling these types of issues. I will definitely order again with CONFIDENCE from LRS again!!!


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