LMR is the best, and all the folks who work there are great! - Ray Charlton from Monmouth, OR

LMR is the best, and all the folks who work there are great!

I have been buying parts for my 1989 Saleen Mustang from LMR for many years now. With their help I have been able to keep my car running and on the road, and use it as my daily driver.

Bryan Mertz has been my contact person whenever I have had a question about anything. He has always been very helpful, and ready and willing to help me out in any way he can. (But with such a great web site I usually can figure out what I want and need pretty easily.)

Of course I could just go down to my local "Car Parts R Us" store and they might have what I am looking for. But there is always the question in the back of my mind about the quality of the parts that I am buying. I have had my car for 27 years now, and using the best parts I can find to repair it is one of the keys to keeping it going. With LMR I know that I am getting great parts at a great price. And yes, it takes a while for the shipment to get to my house, but I think that the wait is worth it.

I will be a LMR customer for as long as I own the car, which I hope will be another 27 years.



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