LRS IS THE PLACE FOR YOUR MUSTANG NEEDS - Brian Galloway from Churchton, MD


I have recently purchased maximum motor sports aluminum steering rack bushings and the classic tube complete brake line kit and fuel supply line. Although the fuel supply line is waiting arrival to LRS the bushings fit perfectly with greatly detailed instructions. The tech articles on here are also great. The stainless brake lines fit like a glove with no modifications needed just some ever so slight bending. Be sure to make sure connections are tight with the stainless cuz they are a little bit tougher to seal than normal line but they have all the proper fittings and are awesome. I can't wait for more purchases especially the sve radiator and fan/shroud combo!! These people will be earning a lot of my money in the next several years. I may even ask them to put a k member on the car after reading how in depth the correct install was. And I'm a professional tech!!! Great info great employees and great products.

Brian Galloway


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