Mustang hi lo&fog LED harmed and bulbs - Dana janes from Alva, FL

Mustang hi lo&fog LED harmed and bulbs

So far I'm pleased. Installation was straight forward. I need more night time road work, but the intensity is impressive. Time will tell but I am impressed. I did notice that I erred upon headlight installation and somehow have one bulb in facing laterally and the other vertically I am not sure if this will effect projection and could use advise. Again if intensity and ease of install is the key this is fantastic. Quality for price is positive. The bulbs and connections are first rate. Location of the small transformer units are easy to install. I used quality double sided sticky tape on two at the horizontal radiator support and wire ties on existing factory wireing for the other two. The frontal easy on off shroud covers all. If you have large hands simply take out the two grill fastener bolts and proceed in comfort. At one hundred thousand hours of use time we are in good shape.


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