92 Mustang Convertible (Feature Car) Seat covers and foam - Roy Lynn from Cleveland , TN

92 Mustang Convertible (Feature Car) Seat covers and foam

I have installed several seat cover kits in the past for both older model Mustangs and Camaros but the ones I bought from Late Model Restorations are the best quality and best fitting I have ever bought. Good instruction video and they were very easy to install, it took 1 Saturday. The only thing I would do differently if I had to do it again is get both seat cushions instead of just the driver side that was worn. The seat cushions they sell are much firmer, have a woven cloth in the bottom to keep them from digging in to the wire in the seat frame bottoms and fill the covers in better making them look like new. I restored the interior of my Fox Body Mustang for less than the cost of the set of tires I put on it.

Roy Lynn


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