97 Mustang odometer repair/ Trunk lifter struts - Harvey B. from Tucson, AZ

97 Mustang odometer repair/ Trunk lifter struts

After 18 yrs , my odometer stopped working and the trunk lifters were shot..... I did a Google search and found LMR. I watched the videos of the odo gear and strut replacements and thought, "...It can't be that easy!." I ordered the gear kit and the struts on a Monday and they showed up on Thursday. I took the laptop out to the garage to play the videos and guide me through installations.. The struts snapped right in just like the video and I replaced the worn gears in about 30 minutes. The video said 5 min but this was my first time so I was using extra care on my dash !
Put it all back together again (no extra parts!!) , did a test drive and everything worked...

The videos were the perfect aid. Clear, concise, and not a step was missed... Great job LMR.. You're my new "go to" supplier

FWIW ..my dealer wanted $400 for the job. I did it for $25 and 1 hr of my time..


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