ISO-9001 - Jim Petersen from Scottsdale, AZ


I just read that you have received ISO-9001 status. This is one of the best things you should advertise for your products. You should stamp this on your products to show how proud you are of attaining this recognition. I was an ISO-9000/1 Auditor and Inspector for 20 years in the electronics industry. I know those 20 points that were mentioned and if you meet them at every point in your manufacturing process as well as all engineering steps you have reached a level of quality that reflects the best you can be. Now that I know you are ISO-9001 I am inclined to make my purchases from LMR from now on. I would even perform and ISO Audit on the products you sell me as a Review you ask of your customers. I hope you stamp the "ISO-9001 Approved" verbiage on everything you manufacture and that has the stamp of approval from the ISO Organization. You have now earned that and you should let everyone know what it means and let everyone know what products were designed and manufactured under the premise of ISO. Signed: Jim Petersen

Jim Petersen


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