Amazing Experience - James Henning from Carrollton, TX

Amazing Experience

I meet Dustin Leather on Saturday, Octber 10th at Mustang Invasion! I talked with him about his mustang for about an hour! I told him I was between jobs and had a must have part to order. I really needed a new shifter knob as my stock one is destroyed! He understood that I didn't have the money but really need one and he hooked me up with a 25 dollar gift card! This was amazing since I only paid 3 dollars outta my own pocket! Not only the fact he hooked it up with the gift card but he also talked with me about how I wanted to copy his car and gave me a lot of info about wheel sizes and springs to help me out in the future! Truly an awesome experience and will come to Late Model for all my future purchases for my Mustang!

James Henning


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