Everything in one place! - Jon Dame from Palm Harbor, FL

Everything in one place!

I was having some troubles with my 93 LX and considering selling it and getting something newer. After having the engine troubles fixed I started looking into parts dealers in the area and what they had in stock. Not only did they not have much in stock but, their prices were very high. I searched online and came across LMR. I was blown away by the selection of parts as well as the price. I quickly ordered a few things, and they arrived within 3 days. I then ordered some more. One thing very cool about this site is there are videos that show how to do the replacement. I found this very useful before I ordered the parts so I could see if I could do it. The day came to install all the parts, and I'll say I could not be happier with my purchases. Everything fit perfectly, and the instructional videos were spot on. This was the best ordering experience that I have ever had online. I look forward to finding something else to replace now that I've decided to keep the car!

Jon Dame


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