Can't beat the customer service. - Bob Tarpey from shawnee, KS

Can't beat the customer service.

My first visit to LMR was way back in 2004 while attending driving school event with Ford's SVT at Texas Motor Speedway. I broke away from the activities to run up to Waco to pick up items for my 90 Notch. Knowing that parts stores close at 1:00 on Saturdays, I called the Mustang place I was headed for only to have them tell me "We close at 1:00 SHARP!" I paged thru my FF&MM mag, to find a small add toward the back. I explained I would be late and the voice on the other end said, "No problem we'll wait". 20 minutes late I found LMR and 5 guys waiting to help me out. Nothings changed. They're the BEST!


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