Somewhat disappointed - Brian from Fort Worth, TX

Somewhat disappointed

I ordered my parts on Wednesday evening over the phone. I was assured they would ship the next day but didn't accually ship until Friday. When I called and asked if they shipped on Thursday they told me no, the would ship the next day and the oerson I spoke to had no idea the cause of the delay. I've worked in customer sercice my whole working career in one way or anither and 'I don't know' is NEVER an acceptable answer. Alsi, recently I went to LMR to pick up parts and one of the parts they gave was accually the wrong part for my car. I didn't find out until I tried to install it a few days later. They sent me the correct part the next day with a free return shipping label for the wrong one so they made good on it but it shouldn't have happened jnbthe first place. I understand people make mistakes so it's not that big a deal but these are mh inly two major complaints. One more thing: I found a kit I bought here for a lot cheaper elsewhere but still decided to order from LMR because that other company's website would lock me out because I didn't have java script enabled or accepted cookies from their site before ordering. If I'm just shopping for parts, I shouldn't be required to accept cookies and/or enable java... both security risks in my opinion.


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