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'91 Mustang Parts

I am restoring my 1991 Ford Mustang GT and was looking for a Fuel Tank Filler Neck Grommet. I thought the search would be easy enough because it was a simple part. However, the search wasn't easy. I checked with the local ford dealer as well as all the local auto parts stores, napa, auto zone, etc., and no one was able to help me get the part I needed, niether did they have any suggestions on a way to locate the part. I also checked a dozen different on-line parts stores and they still didn't have what I was looking for. When I wrote them asking for help they couldn't help me or give a suggestion on finding the filler neck grommet. After I googled about the part, I stumbled across your site and finally, after I thought I was never going to find that grommet, I found it on your site. And I've also found many other parts that I need. In the future I will only use your site for all my parts needs. Thanks.


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