Nobody Beats 50resto! - Eliab "ELI" Garcia

Nobody Beats 50resto!

Guys, I can't thank you enough! I have a '90 Foxbody covrt. As you know its been triple digit weather here in Texas. Its great having my top down but sometimes its great to have it up (rain and 106 degree weather. My top motor went out so I called the local Mustang shop here in DALLAS. They told me sure we have them in stock. When I show up they tell me that there is one on hold and none on the shelf. Now bare in mind i had to travel about an hour to the shop (one way). So they tell me to call on the coming Monday. So I did. Now Monday they tell me that they ordered more and the motors should be arriving on Friday!! I gave up! So that Monday I called you guys and spoke with Chris, Place my order, and when I get home from work TODAY (Tuesday) I will be installing my new motor. Thanks 50 resto!!

Your faithfull shopper for life
Lake Dallas Tx


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