Thank you for your awesome customer service - Kevin

Thank you for your awesome customer service

I just felt compelled to send you guys an email, thanking you for your awesome customer service. I live in NC and needed some carpet FAST for my 88 so I unfortunatly bought from Blue Oval Industries thinking they could get it to me faster since they were in Virginia. Well...a week has gone by and no carpet has arrived. The owner of Blue Oval Industries "John" has the rudest attitude I have ever experienced from customer service. I have never heard or had this kind of service from you guys (or anyone else for that matter)and I just wanted to extend a sincere THANK YOU! You will be getting ALL of my business from now on and I will be sending ALL of my recommendations your way. If you are interested any reading my story..please go here: I own this forum well as an online magazine and have shared my experience with others. Please forward this to the appropriate person. I just want to extend my gratitude to a VERY fine company. Thank you, Kevin Rowland


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