1990 Mustang GT - Sean

1990 Mustang GT

I was given a gift certificate for a Christmas gift from my girlfriend who knew that I spend half of my free time browsing your site. I was very suprised and I immediately went to my wish list that I had created on your site. Well it took me a while to decide what I wanted, but I decided to get some subframe connectors and some new embroidered floormats that I have been wanting for some time now. I called in my order ans the person I apoke with was very helpful and very polite. I recieved my order exactly when he said I would and it arrived perfectly and everything is great! I love the floormats, they give my car a much nicer look compared to the stock mats, and with only 79,000 miles on a 1990, I gott keep it lookin' good! Have yet to get the subframe connectors welded on but I can't wait to do it! Thanks LRS, you guys are the best!


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