Excellent Customer Service - Tim

Excellent Customer Service

I would like to commend one of your sales representatives - Colter
Shelton. He provided excellent customer service to me and my family!

We stopped by on Friday, June 8th to purchase some parts for my late
model Mustang and dealt directly with Mr. Shelton. He was very
courteous and responsive with my order. When I returned to my home just
outside of San Antonio, I realized a part was missing from my order. I
contacted Mr. Shelton via email with my issue and he quickly and
promptly took care of the matter. I received my replacement part in 2

As a society, we are very quick to point out when someone does something
wrong. However, in this case, I wanted to point out when someone did
something right! In a day when few companies know what customer service
really means, your company seems to have mastered the concept.

Again, my compliments to Mr. Shelton, you and your entire staff. Keep
up the good work. As long as I have late model Mustangs, you will
definitely have a loyal customer.


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