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excellent work!!!!

great service berfore and afte the sale. i am a wholesale buyer for a large body shop and deal with lots of people and businesses who are nowhere near as professional as you are.Hats off to Carson and Nathan for their jobs well done!

Diamond headlights, hurst shifter

The shipping was fast both times that i ordered, and the products gave my 87 gt an amazing look. This is my number one source for ordering for my mustang.

No Questions Asked

I ordered a few replacement parts for my aging '88 Mustang, and of those were 2 lift supports for the hatch. Upon installing the new supports I noticed that one was behaving poorly and wasn't lifting the hatch while the other side was. I e-mailed LRS to inquire what I should do and they sent me a simple e-mail saying they would replace the part with no expense to me. I didn't have to ship the improperly working part back to them at my expense like other companies do, and the new lift support arrived quickly and worked perfectly.

There is more work to be done on the car and I'll be coming back here for my parts whenever you have what I need. Thank you!


i order full replacement interiors for a fox body, everything was perfect, the only issue i had was the paint wouldnt spray and LRS sent me a replacement. service is the best from here.

very happy with order,good quality items,fast shipping,will order again.thanks..

Parts order

I ordered some parts and all arrived but Late Model kept me informed of the shipping problems with one brand and ultimatly shipped another brand of product at no extra charge. I am pleased with everything I have gotten from them

Great Customer Service

Dear Mike,

I am not sure if knew about my nightmare situation with UPS regarding a lost wheel and tire kit that shipped from your facility but I finally received the item yesterday.

This e-mail is to let you know what my experience was like dealing with your company, specifically with Justin, one of your employees.

From the very beginning (Placing the initial order), Justin took his time explaining all the questions I had regarding my purchase. I know some of my questions were probably on the ridiculous side but Justin did not make me feel like an idiot (like the other 2 companies I inquired about).

Once I found out that the wheel and tire didn't make it to it's destination I called Justin and explained what happened. From that point forward Justin treated the situation like it was his merchandise that was lost. He consistently kept me posted by calling me (on MY MORNING timezone hours EST (which is beyond the call of duty), e-mailing me and actually called UPS direct several times. I know this entire situation was in no way shape or form Late Model Restoration's fault or problem, but the way Justin handled it made you feel that Late Model Restoration would do anything to make sure the customer (Me) was extremely satisfied.

These days It is EXTREMELY RARE to find such GREAT customer service and if your entire staff is just like Justin then you have a totally unique company..

Certainly Justin is a HUGE asset to your company. Because of him and how he treated me and the situation, I will certainly continue to purchase my merchandise from Late Model Restoration. I will also be informing my friends as well.

Keep up the GREAT work and it is clear that your company treats their customers like family...


presice steering

I just put the agr 15.1 ratio steering rack in my 1990 mustang lx 5.0 . and all i can say its awsome . the steering response is incredible. thanks latemodel resto.


Always Great

Great people to deal with, excellent parts and value. Dont shop anywhere else!!!


Great Deals

I have ordered many times from LRS and have always been very happy with the products I received!

Thanks once again!


Livingston Texas

Next day shipping and excellent products. Thanks!

I ordered parts on Wednesday afternoon and they arrived Friday morning in Illinois. Fantastic service and great prices! I am extremely satisfied! Thanks !

best parts and best prices

ordered a bunch of performance and upgrade parts for my 92 5.0 lx conv.-had all of my questions answered promptly.very happy with customer service and parts selection,price and shipping--will be ordering more from u guys-keep it up!!

Seat Belt assembly

I received the brand new Ford seat belt assembly for my 95 Mustang GT. I had it installed locally at a nominal cost and it is perfect! I'm glad you had the part. I couldn't find it anywhere else.



great service!

I ordered some parts for my 91 mustang one fine afternoon. i was so excited on the upgrades i was gonna get to do a couple weekends later, i started counting down the days till the parts arrived. when they did i immediately made my way home from work to open them up, when i did my heart was crushed!
come to find out the shippers / warehouses damaged one of the taillights i had ordered. So i called up L.M.R. and they shipped me a new taillight no questions asked!!! i will continue to shop with them for as long as i own my mustang! Thank you late model resto!



Happy Customer

I ordered some parts for a 89 fox body i just picked up. i ordered a weatherstrip kit and a new speedometer gear for the transmission. The order was processed instantly and i received the items in 2 days. Wow now that's fast response and great products i already have the weatherstripping installed haven't pulled my tranny yet but going to very soon.Great company to get your parts from very fast response times and i am going to do a lot of buisness with them myself as i plan on doing a total restore and a few minor mods as this is going to be my daily driver. next on the list is the suspension and 5 lug cobra conversion then on to the modifying will post pics through the long process but its going to be worth it. Thanks for everything so far Late Model Restoration , Rick a very happy customer

Very Happy

Mustang parts are sold by many places, but the customer service here at LMR gave me the confidence to buy here. Every question I have gets answered, and they are very helpful and knowledgeable. They know what parts go best with your car, and can recommend what else you may need for any project. Keep up the good work, and I'll be back for sure!

Restoration Complete

Thank you all at LMRS so much. We just finished restoring my 93' GT here at my body shop last night and I could not have done it without your help. You carry all of the little things that I needed as well as some of the big ones. With fast shipping and no problems the process was seamless. Thank you all again!

Best In The Biz!

#1 Restoration Parts Warehouse and preformance parts by far from my experiance, have everything your in need of, awesome quality parts, excellent customer service and have been very impressed with the service. Ordered a set of bbk shorty headers for my 85 5.0 capri and a complete h-pipe exhaust system among other things, it was a perfect fit and awesome craftsmanship. I have saved time and money with their excellent products and would suggest them to others.
Keep up the good work and will be a long time customer!

Awesome service!

I have been restoring and upgrading my '89 GT convertible for two years, and all the parts come from LRS! The staff is extremely willing to help and the most knowledgeable that I have ever dealt with! Thanks so much for your help and AMPLE supply of original fox body parts! Keep up the great work!

Good Times

I have spent thousands of dollars here. Not once have I had a wrong, broken, missing or otherwise damaged part. Best fitment, best quality, and most important best VALUE. I appreciate this business and customer support. My Mustang loves it, too. Thank you all.

no order no where else!

Great customer service, cheap and fast shipping, huge selection of perf parts, complete imformative description on all parts listed...this is my 4th order, and I wont order anywhere else.

thx, you guys ROCK!

Has been a great experience and a pleasure ordering from your company.

great parts

I bought to door panels and a set of the clear headlights and clear turn signal lights i was very happy with them they look great! the door panels were also very nice and i love them! All my parst came with everything i need to just put them on and go thanks u guys!

Another Job well done

I've ordered lots of things from LRS, exhaust systems, lights, Cold air kits, pulley kits, hoses, wheels, carpet, and I can't even think of all the other things. They always have what I want! I placed an order on Monday and got my package my Wednesday, you can't beat that! All the parts I've bought fit nicely and were fairly easy to install. Give my thanks to the whole LRS team! Another job well done, keep up the good work

GTA Ford Racing Muffler

It was a two person job to install these. and there were no instructions. It was pretty ackword changing them with the car on jack stands.There are four bolts to undo. I think I would take them to be installed if I had to do it again. They look nice, and sound awsome, and Late Model Restoration had the best price.

All around quality!'s format made it really easy for me to find the parts I was looking for with my Mustang. After finding all the parts I ordered them and received them in a timely manner, neatly packed. The products themselves were, of course, top quality!

Order for Knobs

looked all over for knobs for radio on my 2002 suburban and could not find them. Found LRS website and with the help of the photos I easily found what I needed. Then I ordered the parts and got them quickly and everythying worked out great.
Great website and very good service

i have been a gm tech for 24 yrs and bought a 97 mustang with gears,cold air intake,exhaust,headers,this car is a blast to drive,im changing the heads and intake and a few other things,learning what works on what year mustangs is wacked,but reading your website,a person with three months experience can do this YOUR WEBSITE IS AMAZING THANKS, I WILL BE BUYING EVERY THING FROM YOU GUYS THANKS

Always helpful

I have purchased a fair amount of parts for my 87 notch from LMR.The previous owner had pretty much built the car with parts from them as well.They always are quick to reply to any questions with very imformative answers and in the rare case they are unsure they admit that but get the answer for you asap.I have bought from a few other online dealers and got nothing but headaches from no shipping info to receiving wrong parts or half the order.LMR gets all my business now.

Customer Service

Late model restoration has some of the best customer service representatives around. They are extremely helpful and will answer any question that you've got and will not critisize you if you make a mistake with your order.

The BEST Mustang Part Site

I've been mod’ing and restoring fox body mustangs for just over 10 years and I would say LRS has been the best parts emporium. Their customer service is impeccable. Their prices are unbeatable and no one can come close to their $14.99 shipping fee. I don't bother with looking at their "competitors" because it's a waste of time. LRS is in a class of their own! For my fellow mustang brothers, look no further you have found the best site for your mustang needs.

Excellent Customer Service!

i made a mistake on my order of putting my address of Iowa instead of Illinois. I called Latemodeland spoke to Lee and he corrected the problem even though my packages had already been shipped. Great Service! thank you very much.


Let me start by telling you guys have an amazing customer service and very well organized website. Shipping on my part was super fast, and when I had questions, it took no time from you guys to help me out. Thank very much and you will be seeing me around.

Bryan is "The Man"

I want to take this opportunity to give a big Mahalo(thank you) to Bryan for his quick response to my concerns regarding shipping my order to Hawaii. Bryan was great answering all my questions, and made very comfortable in placing my order. In short, he is an asset to not only LRS, but to all customers as well. Give this guy a raise! Mahalo, and ALOHA.


I have bought items from other companies, but none have delivered as fast as Late model Resto! I have ordered from them using C.O.D. and sometimes they sent my order to my house so fast, I didn't have time to go get that money order! That's the kind of service we stang drivers are looking for!


good job

Excellent service!!

Recieved my parts very quickly, 100% satisfied!! I have ordered many times from Latemodel resto, and plan on ordering more! Keep up the good work!!!!!

1999 GMC Headlights

The headlights fit great and look just like factory. Thanks again!!!!

Back seat lock

I ordered a back seat lock for my 2003 Mustang V-6 and it came in four days (priority). It fit perfectly like the original factory lock. I plan on restoring my late model 'Stang using Late Model Restoration!


Recieved my parts today, 100% satisfied. This was only my 2nd order from LRS, but it won't be my last. Keep up the good work, looking forward to doing business with you again (Canada)

Thank You!!!

Today I received same new headlight units for my 97 F150 and same 1/4 window decals for a freinds 81 Cobra. Will the decals should have came as a pair a left and a right, will samething happened and I only received the rightside. So I called and talked to guy by the name of Tony and in the matter of 4 or 5 minutes he had me hooked up with the leftside decal and a emailed me a tracking number at no extra cost. Just wanted to say Thanks to the whole crew at LRS!!!

excellent response

dear ladies and gentlememn this store rocks they have helped me in the past and are the utmost and respected store that i would buy from, their shiping is fast and usually in 2 to 3 days received. there is not another i would deal with. their employes need to be commended for their dedication to their job and company. you all have an ecellent thing going please don't stop.

They've Won My Loyalty!

Everyone's your friend when you're spending a ton of money. But LRS won my loyalty with their hassle-free return when I received a part that wasn't what I expected. They were friendlier than some places are when you ORDER! They're now my first choice, everytime.

Great Customer Service

I will never hesitate to tell someone to do business with LMR. They are very responsive to customer needs and always willing to address any questions or concerns. This is a top notch operation and nice people to boot.


This place took GREAT care of me its unbeleiveable !!!!!


Thank you for caring about your products and standing behind
them and taking pride in your business.It has and will be a pleasure to do business with LRS.The Quality and Fit are much better than factory in most cases.So thank You to LRS and most certainly the great sales staff that you have assembled to assist us. Rj

Great Service

Great service from everyone at LRS especially Scott and Carson. Great advice and very knowledgeable!!

50resto gets me in trouble

thanks alot guys for causing me to buy your wonderful products behind my wifes back. im so addicted to it, i have to lie and say i got it cheap on craigslist in addition to having it sent to my work instead of home lol

great site!


LRS ROCKS!!!!!!!!

off road h

late model restoration is the best! i know exactly what i'm getting and know it will be in perfect condition when it arrives. my off road h pipe sounds great! thanks so much!

Best in the biz

Been using these guys to ship me parts for just over 3 years now, they've never steered me wrong given the best advice and when i needed parts they didn't have in stock they sourced it for me!!

best quality service everytime and answer every query no matter how silly it may sound... always friendly, fast delivery, cool confident and the only supplier for fox parts i will ever use!!

Thanks Guys :D

My new parts store

Excellent customer service. Fast delivery. I'll only buy from LRS!

trust this speed shop

I've purchased pullys & coldair from UPR! What a mistake to save few bucks,no hardware for pullys & then find UPR sent wrong kit.then one pully had to have a bushing, my speed shop fixed for me.if this isn't enough UPR'pully is shreding my serpentine belt,as far as there cold air kit I lost hp & tq on a dyno.UPR says they guarente thier products , I was pushed on different poeple after manager promised he would work with me. All I got was put on hold till I would just hang up,they never returned phone calls. long story short I reordered from late model restoration parts that was perfect fit & made power as promised! save money and order here like I should of. well I guess I got new UPR door props. Ron Kansas city MO.


i live in va and there are not any mustang parts stores for fox body here and they are hard to find at the salvage yard. I was pleased to order a head light assembly from lrs as it was much cheaper than any local parts store and i will be ordering more next month as i need door handles on my mustang and I am pleased i willl be geting my part this week. like the fast servce.

Everything I expected, and more!

I own a 1990 Mustang GT that, at the time of purchase, was neglected, and tired. From the obvious upgrades to the little details, 50resto has it all! Great prices, great selection and great customer service! After having a bad experience with a big name Mustang part seller, I called upon the services of 50resto and they exceeded my expectations. Although I live in the Northeastern part of the United States, I have found calling and ordering my parts over visiting the local competition all day!

I have already spent a couple thousand dollars on parts from you guys, and will continue to get my parts from here!


Thank you 5.0 Resto

My E303 cam was a backorder, not In stock, that for my wait I was told I could get a better cam { B-cam} that has a 10 HP gain off the the E303 cam. That has the better BIG cam duration I wanted for my stang. That was instock that I could recive quicker that was yet more, but was offered to me for the same price of my E303. Thanks to Brian, at Latemodel Restoration Supply, my first experience with you guys was a good one and very appreciated. I will be back soon. Thank you

A Great Site!

I just recently bought a 1983 Mustang GT that its previous owners didnt take care of. I thought I would have a hard time tracking down the various parts I need but I found everything I need on this site all for a great price and with fast shipping to boot! I'll definatly be back for for any parts I'll need in the future!

Late fathers Lx convertible

I bought my late father Lx convertible from my mother 3 years back.I have spent hours of trying to rebuild it into the car he loved,Just want to say you guys and all your staff have helped me keep his dream alive.Its now a 700 hp monster waitng for thetranny to be rebuilt and reinstalled then off to the paint shop for some new color.Thanks for having all the things big and small to make the come true for me.

Awesome Website

My recent orders with LRS have been a great experience. When my parts were on back order, LRS kept me in the loop the entire time. They put my parts aside and made sure they would make it to my door. It was great getting status calls from the friendly guys that run the show. I will be coming back to LRS for all my Mustang restoration needs!


I recently bought a 92 gt mustang that needed alot of tlc to get it back to specs. Thanks to folks at LRS I get GREAT service and absolutely great parts as well as price. Just wanted to say thanks and I will definately be ordering more from you guys and also spreading the words to all my buddies!

Cobra wheels

When it comes to finding wheels, LRS is the best. Building my street rod, I needed all the help I could get. Thanks LRS.



I've ordered a few things from LRS and I'm always satisfied with their prompt emails and shipping, I will continue to do business with LRS in the future.

94-98 License plate lenses

Wow! Arrived here in 3 days. Excellent first time experience with LRS. Thanks, if I need anything else I can't find anywhere, I will be back!


amazing.... ships fast

service is great!

Nothing beats ordering ALL your parts from one store on a Monday, then getting them in on a Tuesday! Fastest, best delivery I ever had! Thank you Latemodel Restoration.


It is really nice not having to go to eight different web sites to get the parts I need. Not to mention the quality stuff you have on your site, as well as fast shipping ordered some parts monday afternoon they where at my door thursday afternoon!!!!!!!!!

I have always had a positive experience when dealing with your company. Recently however I started dealing with Carson. Carson has made dealing with LMR even better, Carson is knowledgeable and patient, his advise has saved me hundred of trial and error dollars and he won't sell you something you don't need. Thank you! as long as I need mustang parts LMR is the only company i'll use.

great product and service

great product and service and the shipping was fast

great price

Just want to say thanks for being there. I priced the parts I got from you up in Canada here and with my 2 orders have saved over $320 dollars and the parts are top shelf. Ill be ordering a lot more. Thanks again!!!

First order

My first order from you guys. Ordered on Friday afternoon, got it the next Thursday with a packaging slip that had someone's initials showing they made sure everything was there. AWESOME! You'll definitely have my business again.

Yall did a great job!!

Yall did a great job!! I recieved my cold air intake right on time with no confusion an bolted it right on to the car in minutes.

89 grabber orange gt

I've order several iteam form you guy's that other companys either don't have or are way more expensive. Just wanted to say Thanxs a million


You guys are right on the money with parts and advice and I owe you a big THANKS!

Great shipping

Great shipping, price & product line. I will be buying all my mustang parts from you. Thanks

Incredible Customer Service

I ordered a Cobra complete front end conversion kit and had it shipped to the UK. When there looked like there could've been potential problems with the courrier Justin M. tackled it in no time producing fantastic results. I know where I will be making all future purchases for my mustang. You guys are awesome! Justin the customer service you provide is second to none!

Black Bullets Deep Dish

Just ordered and received my 10.5 deep dish bullets. Awesome, fast and reliable service. Way to go guys! Will order agian.


I just got my parts! perfect in every way. Delivery time was dead-on too. I will definately be doing more business here.

all orders i have made

just a quick thank you for your great service,i have purchaced many items from your company with no problems at all,i will and do recommend you to all of my friends.keep up the great service,thanks again.

Great Service!!!!!!

With all the aftermarket parts suppliers out there there sometimes choosing a company to meet your needs is a difficult process. It only takes one bad expirence to really set you back. LMR has for me taken all the worry out of wondering if I'm getting the right price or if the parts I order are the right ones for my car. They have great customer service and have in the last year of doing business with them helped me in any way they can. I suggest them to friends AND family. You can't find better prices on parts, shipping, and piece of mind with you orders. Keep you the good work guys! Don Gibson Meridian, Ms


I ordered one of the wheel and tire kits but unfortunatly 2 of the rims wernt in stock and i woudlve had to wait over a month to get so i liked the fr500 wheel set so they switched the order over and shipped it the same day i asked just because the other wheels i wanted wernt in

The Best.

I own a '96 GT vert. as you can imagine I constantly have to change stuff out on it. All's I can say is that LRS has truly provided THE fastest shipping and their customer service is far superior any other company. If your "on the fence" about doing business with them allow me to pull you away from the dark side. Follow my words and just "do it". I promise you wont regret it.

Awesome Service!

I just wanted to thank late model restoration for y'alls great customer service. I placed my order late last night, it included a mirror decal, mustang door sills, and last but definitely NOT, least, a intake manifold.

Turns out The sills were back ordered, but I NEED the manifold. So I got on the phone and dropped a line and in under 5 minutes sorted everything out. My manifold will no longer be stuck due to the sills.Im VERY impressed and will definitely be bringing my business back to y'all.

Lets just see about that shipping now :)

Great Parts Selection

I've only been dealing LMR for a short period, and I'm hooked! The prices are great, and the staff is knowledgable. So far I've spent over $1,500.00 on parts, and have my eye on about $10,000.00 more. Thanks for this wonderful site, cause it's made my Mustang parts buying experience a very good one. I'm having a ball!!




rave review. Unlike a lot of others, they okd the payment and shipped it out same day. Some of the other companies,like to sit on your money for a week or two, before they order it from the manufacturers


This company provides the best customer service I have experienced in years among any type of business, but especially a car entusiast type. The sales guys use what they sell and can direct you in the right direction.

Bryan continually provides over the top service.

overall excellence

I have placed many orders through you and have never had a bad experience. No complaints here and I will definately order again.

Justin is a star

Justin helped me with a problem on a radiator in a timely matter. He answered the questin and gave me the resolution . He is a great customer service person and a professional. Thanks Justin...

Rob Rozmeski

Chevy truck parts

Fast and accurate, couldn't ask for better service. Thanks for running a business the way it should be done.

91 Stang

Very impressed with service and speed of getting my hard to find parts in my hands quicker than I had thought !!! This was my first order with Latemodel Restoration Supply and they will be my one and only source from now on.


This is my first order from Latemodel Restoration Supply and I am pleased to report that I found LRS's web site, by far, the easiest one to find my interior part (I plain gave up on some other companies' sites).

Shipping was immediate (I appreciated the ability to track my package) - and although one part was backordered, I was given information about the general timeframe in which to expect the backordered item to arrive.

satisfied customer

I want to thank Bryan for his help on finding the correct oil pan for the engine swap in our 1965 restomod project.a month after receiving the item we installed it and discovered the dipstick was not in the package.the same day I notified them the replacment was shipped UPS that same day.This is a 1st class outfit that cares about customer satisfaction.I wanted to respond because I have discovered the flip side of the coin with The Hoffman Group who has no concern for customer satisfaction and it shows with an F rating from the BBB.I will be doing business again with Late Model restorations and will tell my freinds.

Thanks for your help
Chuck Shackelford

89 GT mustang convertible

i ordered a number of parts for my 89 mustang gt from tony every time great service and great parts . my 89pony is a complete project . can't wait for my new catalog . thanks again

new leather

I bought new white leather for my 1987 Mustang GT...these guys were great to deal with,(as i have a friend that told me about them)very very very fast service...even to Canada!!!will buy from again for sure.....GREAT WORK GUYS


After buying a set of HID conversion kit originally for 9007 bulbs not knowing what i was doing, i followed the installation guide and i managed to fit the kit which came from LATEMODEL RESTORATION SUPPLY and then to Australia. The best thing since sliced bread. The kit now i can see were i am going. When are you going to open a store here? THANKS ONCE AGAIN, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. BOB, AUSTRALIA


Having difficulty finding the correct headliner for my car, The salesmen (Bryan Mertz) at Latemodel Restoration went above and beyond, to track down and ship me the correct parts for 86 Mustang SVO. Thanks Latemodel. You'll be the first place I'll shop for now on. Highly recommend this company for all your restoration needs.

Great On Line Service

I was very impressed with their fast shipping w/ my on line order. It's nice to see a company treat you right and do things right the first time. Kudos LRS!

Great company to do buisness with

I have bought plenty of parts for my 1987 Ford Mustang GT and I have nothing but great things to say about Latemodel Restorationn Supply. They are the most professional company I believe I have used in many years. Their staff is very professional and I would recommend these folks to anyone. I have not had one bad issue with any parts I have bought from them. Thanks again for all of your help and experise.

Dennis Wood

Can't go wrong with LRS

Recieved my product today and it's just what i wanted so thank you on a fast delivery and will be ordering from you guys again,keep up the good work...PS mustang looks better already!

Awesome Site!

These guys obviously have their stuff together. They have a well put together website with detailed descriptions of parts and great customer service to boot! Shipping is very fast and affordable.

number one source

Thanks again for the great service, and you guys are definitely the number one source for all my Mustang needs.

Satisfied customer

LMRS has an awesome selection and they get your order out ASAP. Customer service is second to none. Any mistakes they correct, no questions asked and fast. I get my mustang parts nowhere else.


I placed my order, received email product back ordered within 48hrs. my order was filled and shipped. I am really pleased with company. I will defintely order from them again. Thanks guys for great service!!!

Customer Service

the customer service i received from late modle restoration was outstanding! i was very pleased to see my order when it arrived.


I have purchased almost everything possible for my cars suspension from late model restoration. All the parts are great, but the thing that keeps me shopping here is the honesty of the employees (Carson, youre the man). They never try to sell me anything I do not need, they are very helpful and devoted to my cars problems like it was their own. They never get frustrated and almost always have an answer that fixes the problem. Thank you so much to the staff!!!

From The Great White North

I had a fantastic experience with LRS.
Great prices, staff was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and knew exactly how much shipping charges were going to be.....being from Toronto, Canada.
I would highly recommend anyone seeking a reliable and trustworthy company.



2009 Mustang GT Coupe

Great Service

User friendly site and even better one on one phone conversation with people who know what you need. I was sent the wrong part, and this company made it right, no questions asked. Both times I received the parts in a very timely manner. I will buy from this company again.


Mark in Montgomery

on time

Thanks again for knowing your products and getting them out on time. Also, thanks for always having them IN STOCK!! You will always be my first call for parts.

Very Good service

I wish to thank you for the service I have received from you.. I have ordered parts for my mercury capri and have received them in a very fast time frame.. I enjoy using Late Model Restoration as the parts i neeeded have always been in stock and have not had to wait for them to be back ordered.. Thank You very much and I will coontinue to do business with you.. Dennis

First Order

Great Experience - FAST Shipment, let me know it was in stock!!

Got what I need!

Thanks for actually having IN STOCK the parts I needed. Also, the person who helped me out with my order was friendly and helpful. My goodies came right when you told me they would! I put you guys right at the TOP of my parts provider list. Thanks again!!

fenderwell air kit 89-93 5.0 mustang

Great place to find parts for the stang. These guys are very helpful and the part arrived in 3 days. Thanks, D Chambers

5.0 parts

i ordered alot of parts for a restoration of my 89 GT. all parts were packed and shipping real good.. i only shop here for my Stang needs

Black Bullitt Wheel and Tire Package

I ordered my wheels and tires on a monday and received them on friday. They did a great job with the packaging. And they look awesome, the offset of the 10 1/2" wheels fit perfect on the back of my 2000 mustang. Rides and drives great. I am extremely satisfied

Super Fast Shipping!

Man, what great service! Fastest shipping yet. Thanks

Moses I. from Lubbock, TX


I always have good service from your company

Returning Customer

I can not possibly say enough good things about the guys at late model restoration, I have been ordering parts from them for some time, I fully restored a '90 mustang GT, and am now working on fixing up a '01 mustang GT, when it comes to parts it doesnt matter what you need they usually always have it, they will get it to you fast and the parts are very high quality. If you run into problems or questions along the way just give them a call and they will get you the answer you are looking for, the staff is very knowledgable. Thank you Late Model Restoration for you parts and service and i look forward to buying from you again in the future

1st time user

This was my first time using this site to order from I put my order in sat midnight my parts were at my door three days later. Prices were preart much the same as all other web sites. They were refered to me and I couldn't be happier. The only problem I had was deleting parts off my list cause I wanted to spend to much money

Great service!

I was very pleased with the quick turnaround time for my order. The employee who took my phone order was very helpful and courteous and I will definitely do business with LRS again!

great service

I would like to thank you for a seamless purchase of wheels for my mustang. The customer service was outstanding and the product amazing. Thank you!


5.0 RESTO rocks!!!!!! Service is great, staff is courteous and knowledgeable, Parts are always in stock, Its the BEST!


Great Service

I contacted Latemodel restoration supply about finding a Cold Air Kit for a Early99 F250 with a 7.3L. These kits have been very difficult to find. The sales rep was very knowledgable and knew exactly what I was referring to and was able to find one in stock. This is the only place that I was able to find a kit.

Mustang Wheels

Recently recieved my black bullit wheels and they look flawless. For shipping to only cost me $15 is amazing. Thanks for the great wheels at a great price.

Mustang parts

Brian has been a huge help to me, very knowlegable and great to deal with............He is helping me build a pretty cool fox.


Great fit

Just got the fr500 wheel and tire comb installed on my 94 Cobra and the fit and looks are perfect. When you guys say the fit is perfect you are absolutely correct! Thanks for a great product at a great price.

Fox Body Convertible Top Installation - Thanks!

I recently purchased a GREAT convertible top replacement kit from Latemodel Restoration Supply, for my fox body mustang. After calling multiple local upholstery/top shops for an installation price estimate, I learned it was going to cost nearly twice as much as the price of the kit, just to have the new top installed. So I then decided to take on the daunting challenge of replacing the top myself. Thanks to the convertible top installation instructions found on the LRS website downloads page I was able to complete the removal of the old top, and the installation of the new one in a few evenings. I sure wish I would have known about the convertible top installation DVD that LRS sells, but it all worked out anyways. Keep in mind, this is definitely not a one person job, I had to enlist the help of my girlfriend, and a buddy from school to get the job done. Nobody wants a drop top that is falling apart, or is missing the back window, so take my advice, and buy the convertible top kit from LRS, and remember if a couple of us teenagers can install an excellent looking convertible top, any average do it yourself person should be able to install one as well. Thanks again, Latemodel Restoration Supply for a great convertible top and very decent installation instructions.
Note: For anyone actually doing a top installation, it is best to... have a well lit garage to work in, a few basic hand tools (including a staple gun), a second person to help, detailed instructions with pictures, containers or plastic bags to keep the old hardware in order and reuse, and most importantly use the old top as a pattern, by taking pictures of the removal of the old top, and documenting the process... These tips will greatly help in a successful top installation, but like LRS says, "If you feel this installation is over your head, please take your car to a local upholsterer or top shop." Good Luck!

Bullitt package

Great and Fast Service will do more buisness with Latemodel Restoration Thanks Again Brian and Latemodel Restoration!!!

Customer Service

Great customer service. Had issues with order. The folks at Late Model Restoration handled the issue professoinally and corrected everything in an expeditious manner. Very happy with their service. Thanks again.


i was very pleased with how i was treated. i originally tried to go it alone and order whati thought was the right part for me , boy was i wrong. after being embarrased at the auto shop i called lrs and got with them and i got the right part and my refund on the other part. i was pleased i guess that sums it up. thanks lrs

Great Customer Service

I want to say I am extremely impressed by the way you guys do business. I have restored my Mustang using your parts and it looks better than it did when it was new. I want to especially thank Bryan for his help on my last order. I could tell he was looking out for my best interest as a customer and I will keep coming back because of that.

Thank You!
Mark Chandler

Quality Parts at Reasonable Prices

These guys rock when it comes to Mustang parts. They have great inventory and everything I have purchased has been great quality. Keep up the good work!

Great Customer Service

Just wanted to write a comment ,Placed an order with LRS and they had an issue that morning processing my card. Gave me information to call back immediately. I called and Spoke with Mike we ironed out the issue fast and he assured me they would ship out as planned. Received the item a couple days later as promised. Great communication and customer service , have made orders with other online providers , but i will look to LRS for my needs from a great experience

Thank you

Ray Cordova

Mustang Parts

Latemodel Restoration Supply did an outstanding job of getting me the parts I needed.
I highly recommend this great company !

Great Service

Thanks for the great service ! I placed my order online on a Sunday and had my parts on Wednesday. The box didn't even have a scratch on it. I didn't pay for expedited shipping either. I got exactly what I ordered. I've got stuff in my Wish List box now as well. If they've got it, I'm buying it here.

Awesome Customer Service

All I can say is that you guys are incredible. I haven't seen a company around like yours in years. I had a problem finding some of the parts that I ordered, and so I gave you guys a call. Sent me out a whole new parts kit next day, no questions asked. You even helped me with all my questions before I ordered. Thanks so much for the great service, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thanks again,


Fast and Courteous

After researching the company on the Better Business Bureau site, I decided to place an order. The shipping was fast. I received my order in three days. Excellent Service!


late model is great. I found all the parts i need and at a low price. no other place compares. i can get anything for my mustang or my truck.


Jonathan, you and your buddy Brad are my new best friends!!! I freakin love you guys!!! Thank you so much for helping me with my car; I do appreciate it!!! Whenever I have kids their names will be Jonathan and Brad, whether it's boys or girls!!!! Thanks again Jonathan!! Let me get to ordering these locks sets!!

great customer service

the site is great they have everything you could think of for mustangs!! also the employees are very friendly and helpfull i will be shopping on this site for many years to come thanks guys!!

Great Experience

I had a great experience with this company... parts came on time and in great shape. Will definately buy from them again!!

New Leaher Wrapped Steering Wheel f/ My 92

Tired of that old steering wheel????

If so contact Carson @ LMR!

Everything worked out fine w/ the exception not being able to drive my car while the steering wheel was getting stripped & releathered!

Would do it, but hope it's not any time soon.

Thanks again & I have more needs that LMR will take care f/ me! NO worries w/ LMR !!!!

Michael T



Wheel and tire combo

Great customer service. Brian was a great help in selecting the right wheel and tire combo for my 96 mustang. I picked up my order in person on the day I was told and it was ready to roll out the door at 8am when I arrived. The man at the counter was kind and very professional. - Tommy Cole- Burleson, Texas.


Was unsure at first, But ordered what I needed from LRS, for '94 Mustang GT. What a surprise when all the parts arrived to my address in Australia, and only took eight days. Not bad for the miles apart. I WILL BE BACK. THANKS AGAIN


Everything came out awesome once i got it all together. Everything went in easy as the lights! Thanks

Great service, great price!

I found the part I was looking for, at a great price, shipping was MORE than reasonable! Super fast shipping, thank you so much!!!

best service and quality around

In my time doing business with this company I have received what I consider to be the best in customer service and product quality. Thank you Latemodel Restoration Supply in helping me restore two 5.0 Mustangs, convertible and hatchback. The compliments I receive about my cars show me that I made the right choice. You have a customer for life.


Everything was great. Karson handled my questions honestly and professionally. He is a asset to your company.

Excellent Service

I'm new to the Mustang world and LRS definately helped with all the parts they have for my 94 Gt that is getting converted to a 94 Cobra. LRS pretty much has all the parts to do this. So, whatever I can purchase from them...i will!

LRS Service & Quality

I am extremely satisfied with the level of service, professionalism and quality of part I receive from LRS. Parts are priced very competitive with a killer deal on shipping. A special thanks to Justin for his patience with my Mustang inexperience.


Thanks LRS for the fast shipping and outstanding customer service I recvd from you guys, I recvd my FRPP Stingers today and can't wait to install them tommorow. Will surely order from you guys again SOON!!!!!!!



couldnt be happier

Ordered some parts online, and had a problem with order authorization, which led the credit card company to freeze the purchase for 48 hours. All because of a shipping address change. Talked to a customer service rep named Justin, and he gave me step by step instruction on what happened, and how to fix it. He said he would hold all the parts i ordered, 6 peice OEM fox body headlight set, and told me to call back in a few days and he would get the order shipped out asap as soon as the transaction went through. 5 days later my parts arrive in perfect shape just like he said. This isnt the first time ive dealt with LMR, and deffinatly wont be the last. Excellent customer service here, no complaints at all.

FR500 Black Chrome Wheels/Tire Set

I just purchased a set of Black Chrome FR500's wheels and tires for my 04 Mach 1. I originally was calling to order some Black Chrome Saleens but I found out that the size that I needed for my front wheels were on back order. I am going to a car show next week so I was really wanting some new wheels. The salesman was very helpful and asked me about FR500's in the black chromes. It was very nice to talk to someone that was knowledgeable in what he was selling. It was also a plus that he was a fellow Mach 1 owner. I get my wheels next week on my Birthday and can't wait to put them on my car.


this is my second time ordering from LRS and i'm glad to say that i could not be happier with the service i have received. I live in New Hampshire and LRS' ships items fast! i received my order about five days after i ordered it; for flat rate 14.99 shipping, it was an incredible deal! I will definitely be coming back to LRS again and again for all of my restoration needs!

Silver FR500 Wheels & Tires Package

This is not my first time ordering from LMRS. I've been ordering items from them since they were known as 5.0 Resto.

These guys are the best, hands down! When I needed new wheels and tires for my '03 Mach 1, I found the perfect price/performance package in their silver FR500 17x9 and 17x10.5 wheels w/Sumitomo tires, mounted, balanced, and shipped to me in 3 days ready to bolt onto my car!

The packaging of the items was top drawer, and provided excellent protection without extra bulk! Even the UPS guy was super impressed!

I have recommeded LMRS to other enthusiasts in the past, and I will continue to recommend them in the future.

Good job guys!

bumpers for 96 chevy

this guys are good they have every thing you need for your restoration and they are fast on delivery.

Great Experience

Ok, bought a tailight and mirror from LRS. Only problem was, when I checked on the mirror, I didn't notice it was the wrong hand AND the wrong mirror. I wrote to them a few hours later, and they cancelled the mirror and took it off my order. That's great service in my book. Thank you guys for paying attention to emails! Looking foward to getting my tailight some whacko busted out! LOL.


Mustang order

I just got most of my order in from you guys and even though I had several questions, you guys never got aggervated with me or upset. I am very pleased with you guys and I will diffently be ordering from you guys. Thanks keep up the awesome work!

An order from overseas

I ordered several parts from LRS. Because I live in Switzerland, Europe that's sometimes not so easy with all the problems you can have with language barrier, backorders, dispatch, customs etc. But Justin helped me out and did a great job. Thanks for that! Hopefully again sometimes...

10th Anniversary Cobra Wheels

Dear LRS

I ordered a set of 17x9 & 17x10.5 Anniversary Cobra wheels last monday. They showed up on my door step on Friday and lets just say. I have no complaints. The tires were mounted and balanced with lug nuts for under $1000. Thats just unheard of. You may thing that since the price is cheap, the quality will be too. I've seen a few wheels in my day and these are at the top as far as quality and finish. Don't hesitate if your thinking about ordering a set. You will NOT be dissapointed.

79-93 mustang door rubbers

Great shippers, wonderful product. Would use again if needed.


this was one of the easiest orders i have done i had my packages within three days will be using you guys again thanks for the help

mustang order

Your the best thanks for the great customer service!

mustang headlights, etc.


On-Line Order

Service was awesome. No issues with the order. Delivery was faster than expected. I'll be using Latemodel as my restoration supply again and again.


The LMR customer services guys are great and dont mind helping out, they've come through time after time for me and the needs of current project, i am truly a loyal customer

great guys

Your cust.svce is the best around! Will continue to spread the3 word!!!

fox - stang lover"

so far good experience with latemodel, good services,
keep up the good work.


very happy

easy web site easy to order and came to my door with no problems ....thanks

Like Wal-Mart for mustangs

This is the second time I've ordered from LMR, and I am very happy. Competetive prices, good security, and inexpensive shipping. I work in a different state than my residence, so I have to ship to a friends' home. Late model called me and confirmed my information the first time I ordered, and now I have no problem getting the parts I want(read: need) in a timely manner. Some people might be turned off by the $4 fee to ship to an address other than the billing address, but it's a small price to pay for piece of mind. Thanks again.

LRS came through

As usual, Late Model Restoration has made good on their promise to deliver a great product at an unbeatable price. You will always be the FIRST place I turn to for Mustang parts. Thanks!!!

Great Service

I returned a part that I had not used in about a year owing to being deployed with the Navy. They gave me full credit and treated me like a king. Even when I order a small part, Mike is always helpful. Prices are great, the fuel injectors were $100 cheaper than Summit.

Excellent A+

Very easy to order, great communications throughout the whole process. Very fast shipping, I would buy from them again ! Thanks


it said one of my items was backoredered, but i recieved it promptly for being back ordered, good job ck

great parts and shipping

hey again just like thank for the great prices and parts that you have.shipping is really fast and super nice to deal with....the best mustang shop around thanks again glenn.

94-98 grille

Great service! The lowest prices! The best quality! Late Model Restoration is Great!

Buggs Chaffin

#1 Part/Service Company in U.S.!!

I must say that I have dealt with many companies in order to get the parts that I need. I have not however, found any company that treats their customers as if they were family. Both my brother and I found LRS the best company to work with. Thank you so much for your service and extensive variety in parts. Hector Guerrero

order on line

just like to say you always have the parts i need for my have great parts and prices.super nice people to deal with thanks glenn


than you fast shipping texas

Bumper cover parts

Thank you for sending your products out so quickly, I recieved them within a couple of day from the order date. Your web site was very informative and easy to use. Without your products I would not have been able to get my baby back on the road. Once again thanks for all your help.

Charles Feldman


Parts arrived fast and packaging was good. Thank you. Jim


i have nothing but great things to say about LRS,friendly,informative,knowledgeable,employees.the most complete inventory i have come across,keep up the great job.thanks ed clifton lewes de.the state that started a nation

Best Mustang Site

I just had to take a few minutes to say that this is by far the best place to get your mustang needs fulfilled I Live In Canada And The service is great And Fast and they have every part you could ever want and i love the amount of O.E. Stuff they have, O.E. All The Way!!!!
Dont Change A Thing.

Best Wishes
-Adam Oakley

19# ford racing fuel injector

Recived injectors in good time. Thes injectors was just what my 02 GT needed. I will buy from LRS again. The price for the Ford Racing 19# injectors was the best I found. And belive me I did a lot of looking on the net. Thanks LRS.

Thank You
A. Bolen

Great Service

I was having some sort of internet problems with the website where it would delete my cart. The tech department tried everything they could to help, but we could not figure it out. I was directed to a sales associate who took my order over the phone. It was a large order, and they confirmed everything and made sure everything was there that i needed, he even reminded me of some parts I forgot to add. When receiving a package from LRS everything is packed great with an informative packing slip. All around great experience.


I have ordered numerous products from this company and been satisfied every time. The orders always get to me quick and there is no hastle.


lrs has some of the most tech savy and customer friendly associates that i have ever dealt with anywhere. their prices are fair and shipping is extremely fast. this is the only vendor i will ever use again for my 07 mustang gt.

Big Props!!!

We need LMR to open shop here in Cali. Your professionalism is barnone the best, not to mention your cust.servce! Thanks fellas!!!

great service

after waiting for 3 weeks for another website to ship a H pipe and some headers i cancelled my order, ordered them here and they were here in less then a week, with better prices, cant go wrong with that!

service, products, etc

Everything i order is from late model you guys always have what i wan and it always gets to me as qiuck as yall say. all of the products are great and i tell everyone that this is the place to shop for their mustang parts. thanks everyone at late model!!

One Stop Shop

I couldn't be more satisfied with the service and selection of this company. Not only do they have all the parts for my 1990 Mustang GT, in most cases, they have an in depth description of each part. I am 100% satisfied with this company!

great job

this was the first time i bought something from you guys and let me tell you i am very impressed with how fast i got this product for my father for christmas. i was worried that i wouldnt get it in time, but with the price i bought it for and the speed of the shipping you have me hooked on your company. thank you so much. Robert O.

Excellent customer service.

Hello, Good Afternoon. I had spoke to a customer service rep yesterday and Yes I am impressed with how they handle any complaints. This all started when I was LQQKING for Ford Mustang Parts for my 2 vehicles that have White interiors. Can't find any used parts, so I ordered new but in Grey and i was going to Paint them White. After finding the correct paint i ordered it. I had used the Vinyl paint first, then the other day I went to use the regular paint for metal parts and It didn't work out of the box sort to speak,So I called with my invoice in hand. And Yes, they surprised me with a re-order at no charge. Thats impressive. I guess I will just throw out the bad can, or recycle it where I can. Must have been a Bad Valve because the nozzles were clear. Since i had ordered a can for vinyl and a can for metal.
Thanks LRS.You guys are KWEL. Frank Passarelli owner of {1} 1993 Triple White LX Convert.& {1} 1990 7-UP LX Convt.