1994-95 Ford Mustang AFM Series 4 PMS Tuner (Programmable Engine Management System) - SN95 - 5.0L/5.8L by Anderson Ford Motorsports

Mustang AFM Series 4 PMS Tuner (Programmable Engine Management System) (94-95) 5.0L/5.8L

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AFM Mustang Series 4 PMS Tuner (Programmable Engine Management System)     (94-95) 5.0L/5.8L EF-PMS94

Get the ability to tune your highly modified 94-95 Mustang 5.0/5.8 with the Anderson Ford Motorsport Series 4 PMS System.


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  • Custom Tune your own car
  • Wide variety of adjustment parameters
  • Able to be used multiple times


  • Two Step Rev Limiter
  • Able to tune Nitrous Table
  • Tunable fuel Maps
  • Adjustable Air Fuel Ratio
  • Increased Memory Capacity
  • Easy user Friendly Operation

What's in the Box

  • (1) PMS Processor
  • (1) Wiring harness to connect to your Existing PCM
  • (1) View Screen/Keypad User Control Unit
  • Operation Instructions

Product Description

Anderson Performance
The P.M.S. goes far beyond the capabilities of a performance "chip" or "flash tuner", offering a broad selection of adjustments and tuning. Now you can take advantage of aftermarket performance components while still using the stock engine control computer! Step up to the P.M.S. and move into tomorrow’s world.

*Global fuel adjustments, which means you can offset the mass air for different sized injectors.
*Two step rev-limiter.
*Air charge temp and Water temp fuel and timing adjustments can now be made from -40° to +250°
*Two programmable RPM/Throttle output accessory control switches.
*TPS volts are now adjustable: What this means if you want 1.05 to be idle you put that in. The same with W.O.T. - you tell the PMS what volts.
*Tunable Nitrous Oxide Adjustment Table.
*Easier to use controller with adjustments down to 500 rpm increments starting at 2000 rpm.
*Tunable Turbo or Supercharger timing and fuel adjustment up to 30lb of boost.
*Single data display screens let you monitor spark timing, injector function, oxygen sensor, water temp, air charge temp., mass air voltage and manifold pressure/vacuum.
*Start fuel setting, which controls the injector when the starter is turning the motor over. This gets rid of the hard starting with 42 lb. injector or bigger.
*Air Fuel Mixture fully adjustable.
*Purple anodized, finned aluminum case resists corrosion, dirt and moisture.
*Idle Mixture and Timing fully adjustable.
*"Plug in and Run" installation requires no programming - Just start it up and go!
*Total spark and rate of advance fully adjustable
*Stand Alone turn on is now adjustable:The stand alone is set up to turn on at 3500 rpm, which can be adjusted from 2000 rpm to 5600 rpm. The factory EEC has no control in standalone model. This gives us even better fuel and timing control and now the Rev limiter can be moved to a high as 9900 rpm with a faster processor.
*Increased RAM, EPROM, and EEPROM Internal Memory Capacity!
*Easy "User Friendly" operation - detailed owner’s manual explains all functions.
*Series 4 with individual cylinder timing and fuel control.

-Fits 1994-95 Mustang 5.0/5.8

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1 of 2 REVIEWS
1 of 2 REVIEWS

5 Stars   great product!
By on 9/3/2013
great product! PROS! the pms is a powerful tuning tool...and it does exactly what is saids it will...its a piggyback/stand alone system in one... its easy to use and can be installed in 1hour plug and play! i use it to tune a NOS dry kit on a 94 cobra...in the standalone feature the pms ignores the factory ecm... so in a nutshell!!! you have full control of fuel/ignition threw out the engine load and rpm.... CONS! if you are tired of chips and your a first time tuner that wants to learn how to tune your own horse... then this product is for you! BUT!!!! its not a magic stick...and its not an overnight thing....it will give you great results as long as your willing to learn the in and outs.

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5 Stars   30 min install.
By on 3/6/2015
Nice quality. Easy install comes with all nessesary parts.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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1 Stars   RIPPED OFF!!
By on 2/3/2017
I had to save for a long time to buy this $1,050 PMS and wanted to upgrade my 94 GT performance from the sct chip I have been running. Well I was finally able to purchase it and I have NEVER, EVER been more disappointed with a product. After 3 weeks of trying to get this PMS adjusted it simply does not work! To make a long story short the car would not idle correctly or build power and it even caused my transmission not to shift correctly. I tried changing the parameters up and down the scale and nothing would improve. Put the sct chip back in and the car performs great. LMR and Anderson Ford refuses to accept a return and refund my hard earned money. I understand their return policy but I am out $1050 with a "dead" product. Been doing business with LMR since 2012 but unfortunately no longer.

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