2011-14 Mustang Airaid Cold Air Intake Kit V6 Black Filter 3.7 by Airaid

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Have your 3.7L putting our more horsepower and torque with this Airaid cold air intake kit!

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  • Increased Fuel Mileage
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Quick Installation


  • USA Made
  • Superior Quality
  • Ease of Installation

What's in the Box

  • (1) Intake Tube
  • (1) Premium Air Filter
  • (1) Air Box Assembly
  • (1) Weatherstrip
  • (2) Urethane couplers
  • Slash Shield Kit
  • Hardware Kit
This part is 50-state legal - CARB E.O. #: D-609-15

Made in the USA

Product Description

More Power & Performance
Add this 2011-14 Mustang V6 Airaid cold air intake kit to give your 3.7 more power and performance! Replacing your factory intake system with a cold air intake allows your motor to "breathe" easier, freeing up some extra horsepower and torque. This kit features everything you need to easily install this bolt on kit so you can be back on the road with more power in no time!

High Quality Components
This Airaid cold air intake kit features an intake tube constructed of cross-linked, high-density Polyethylene that is designed using extensive computer modeling to maintain proper mass air flow readings and calibration. It also features a built-in velocity stack which further promotes air flow. Equipped with a black high flow filter, you can bring in more air than your factory filter to give you maximum power!

No Tune Required
This kit is an out of the box, no tune required intake!

Fits 2011-2014 Mustang V6 3.7

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2 of 2 REVIEWS

5 Stars   Airaid SynthaMax Dry Cold Air Intake For the 2011-14 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6
By on 3/9/2015
Image uploaded by Joe B. The 3.7 L Cyclones V6 in the Ford Mustang is quite the performer. From the factory it comes with 305 HP and once pushed aside the new Cyclone V6 is now a serious contender for the performance minded enthusiast. So on to the purpose of this article if you are looking to unlock a few more ponies with a simple bolt on mod, then the Airaid SynthaMax Dry Cold Air Intake is just the thing that will wake you V6 up. Don’t get me wrong the factory air box is great and was one of the improvements Ford did to the new Cyclone V6’s. In this article I will illustrate how to open up the airway of you V6 and let the Cyclone breathe deep and make some serious performance improvements along with adding a great sound during acceleration.
Airaid SynthaMax Dry Cold Air Intake system from Airaid will allow your pony to inhale more air and put it to use in the form of more torque and horsepower. The increased efficiency should result in improved fuel mileage, provided you can keep your foot out of the throttle which once you install this Bolt on mod it is going to be hard to do.
Ok so the install should only take you no more than 30 minutes for someone that not to sure about working on their car, but let me assure you you can do it. So on with the install

Contents of you Airaid Box:

1. Airaid Premium Dry Filter 1
2. Airaid Intake Tube 1
3. Cold Air Box 1
4. Silicone Hump Hose 1
5. Weather Strip 25” 1
6. ¼-20 Button Head Bolt 2
7. ¼” Flat Washer 2
8. 8-32 x 1/2” Button Head Bolt 2
9. #48 Hose Clamp 1
10. #64 Hose Clamp 1
11. 5/8”Aluminum Fitting 1
12. 5/8”Grommet 1
13. 1/4” NPT plug 1
14. 1/4” NPT Barbed Fitting 1
15. #20 Torx Driver 1

Tools needed:
5/32? allen wrench
3/32? allen wrench
8mm socket
10mm socket
Ratchet and extension
Needle nose pliers
Flat head screwdriver
Airaid has included a #20 Torx bit for your convenience

Step 1:
Disconnect for negative battery terminal this allows your computer to reset itself to learn the new part, but you won’t lose your radio presets.

Step 2:
Loosen all the hose clamps that are on your factory intake tube, then carefully depress the gray hose lock tab on the crank case breather line, and for you automatic owners you will do the same for the brake aspirator line. Now you will be able to remove you factory intake tube.

Step 3:
Now on your Mass Air Flow sensor gently pull back the red tab and slowly and carefully pry the wiring back. Now using your 10mm socket, remove the bolts securing you factory air box to the car. Take note you will be reusing these again.

Step 4:
With the air box removed transfer the mounting grommets to the new Airaid air box, the two lower ones go on the bottom and to top one the one with the metal sleeve, you got it goes on the top of the Airaid.

Step 5:
Install the cold air box into the car be sure to slide it into the duct into the factory towards the front of the car. Now you want to line up the two location pins that are under the box to the two holes your old air box sat in. Now get you bolt that we took off in step 3 and retighten to the inner fender well.

Step 6:
Next you are going to unscrew the MAF from the factory intake tube and insert into the new Airaid intake tube the same way you pulled it out, this time we are going to use the supplied button head bolts to attach the MAF to the new intake tube(be careful not to
over tighten).

Step 7:
Now we are going to install the grommets and fittings to the new intake tube. Note all model are going to use the 5/8 fitting and grommet, you will only use the other grommet and the ¼” hose fitting if you have an automatic transmission. That being said the supplied ¼” plug will be used for all Manual Transmissions.

Step 8:
Now slide the Silicone Hump Hose over the throttle body noting the make sure it is the smaller side of the hose. Next you will slide the intake tube into the larger side of the Silicone Hump Hose with that in you will now slide the intake tube into the air box. Once this is complete tighten down the hose clamps.

Step 9:
Inside the air box you will see two small hole located were the tube enters the air box; using the supplied ¼” flat washers and the ¼” 20 button head bolts tighten the air box to the intake tube. Now connect the wiring back up to the MAF sensor and push the red clip back in and finally attach for breather hoses back on.

Step 10:
Finally install the 25” weather stripping onto the air box, and then slide the filter on and tighten the hose clamps, and reconnect your negative battery terminal. Start you can and allow it to run for a bit them turn off and retighten hose clamps if needed to ensure a perfect seal.

Step 11:

Finish product.

Over the last few weeks I have had the honor in working with the great folk over at Airaid and want to personally want to say thank you for allowing me this chance to review and write up an install guide for all you great Cyclone owners out there. What Airaid has done by taking every step to ensure that they produce the best product to us the consumers has sir passed anything that I could think of. The level of quality craftsmanship and the countless hours of R&D that has gone in to not only this but all their products is something few and far between. You all have made a great product that produces exactly what you say it will and then some. It has truly been a delight to have this installed in my 3.7 L Cyclone V6 and I will enjoy every minute and every mile of it.

**Just as a side note that For Performance Package equipped motors, it is recommended that the installer enlarge the breather cut out in the engine cover using a Dremel with a cut off wheel, then de burr for a professional look**

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   Great product
By on 6/19/2015
Perfect fit and function. A CAI is a great addition to any modded mustang and the Airaid is a great choice. Easy install and great overall quality. LMR makes it easy with fast free shipping as well.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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