Torco Unleaded Accelerator Octane Booster

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Increase octane to increase performance on your high performance vehicle!

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  • Increase Octane As High As 107
  • Will Not Harm O2 Sensors


  • Increases Octane As Much As 14 Points

What's in the Box

  • (2) 32oz Torco Accelerator Cans

Product Description

Torco Unleaded Accelerator Octane Booster

Torco accelerator is a great additive capable of increasing octane levels up to 107. This is great if you do not have access to race fuel or if you want to run race fuel at select times. It can be added to any unleaded octane fuel to raise octane up to 14 whole points.

Raising octane on high horsepower, high boost, nitrous and high compression can help prevent damaging pre-detonation. Pre-detonation can damage pistons, cylinder heads and even cylinder walls, permanently damaging your engine.

Keeping a can of Torco is great insurance in the case that your car is filled with a low octane fuel and higher octane is needed.

Torco additive is safe on oxygen sensors.


- Will raise octane levels up to 14 points. It will not raise more points with extra concentrate.

Mixing Ratio

- All mixtures are based off 93 octane as a base fuel. Add the following amount of Torco to each gallon of gasoline.

93 Octane to 98 Octane - Add 1.6 Ounces per Gallon
93 Octane to 103 Octane - Add 3.2 Ounces per Gallon
93 Octane to 107 Octane - Add 6.4 Ounces per Gallon

California Residents:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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