2011-14 Mustang Nitrous Outlet Plate Hardline System 5.0 by Nitrous Outlet

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  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0
  • Nitrous Outlet Mustang Nitrous Kit - Plate Hardline System (11-14) 5.0

Add serious horsepower to your 2011-2014 Mustang 5.0L with this Nitrous Outlet Plate Nitrous System!

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  • Adds Additional 50-200HP
  • Lifetime Solenoid Warranty
  • Made In The USA


  • 10LB Nitrous Bottle
  • Coyote Specific Solenoid Bracket
  • WOT Switch
  • Heavy Duty Billet Bottle Valve
  • Black Anodized Plate
  • Fuel Line Adapter
  • Fits GT & Boss Intake

What's in the Box

  • (1) 10LB Nitrous Bottle
  • (2) Bottle Brackets
  • (1) Nitrous Plate
  • (2) Plate Hardlines
  • (1) Fuel Solenoid
  • (1) Nitrous Solenoid
  • (1) Specific Fit Solenoid Bracket
  • (1) Nozzle W/ Jet Assortment
  • (1) Activation Switch
  • (1) WOT Switch
  • (1) Relay
  • (1) Fuel Line Adapter
  • Steel Braided Hoses
  • Installation Hardware And Brackets

Product Description

Nitrous OutletMustang 5.0L Plate Specific System
Take your 2011-2014 Mustang GT or Boss 302 into the 10's and quicker, with LatemodelRestoration.com and Nitrous Outlet! The 2011-2014 Mustang is a player in stock form, a potent performer with a few bolt ons, and untouchable on the spray. This kit utilizes a Mustang specific solenoid bracket & pre-bent stainless hard lines to connect the solenoids to the plate.

Coyote Specific Nitrous Plate
The .75" thick CNC machined billet aluminum nitrous plate is black anodized for great looks & corrosion resistance. The internal fuel and nitrous passages as well as the discharge passages are precision drilled for distribution and atomization. It is sealed to the intake using factory o-ring gaskets & will support a 400+ horsepower shot. This is the only 2011-2014 Mustang Nitrous Plate you need to look at.

Nitrous & Fuel Solenoids
A CNC machined stainless steel body is the basis of the solenoids used in this 2011-2014 Mustang Nitrous System. The heavy duty coils are encapsulated in Epoxy to resist the elements & vibration. Solenoid lead wires are 14 gauge stranded wire with color coded insulation. The nitrous solenoid features a .125 orifice, a 1/4" NPT inlet, an 1/8" NPT Purge Port for the addition of a nitrous purge kit and a 1/8" NPT bottom outlet. The Fuel Solenoid features a .187 orifice and an 1/8" NPT inlet & outlet. Both solenoids will support a 400 horse shot and feature a Lifetime Warranty.

10Lb Nitrous Bottle
The nitrous bottle in the system is a 10Lb capacity bottle and is covered in a gloss black powdercoat. The black anodized high flow billet bottle valve finishes off the look. The bottle valve also features two 1/8" NPT ports in the side that allow easy additions of nitrous pressure gauges, nitrogen assisted pressure systems or nitrous pressure sensors. The nitrous bottle is held in place with dual stainless steel band type bottle brackets.

Nitrous Jets
Nitrous jets and fuel jets are CNC Machined from brass with precision ground orifice for the utmost in accuracy. 4 sets of jets are included in this nitrous kit These 4 sets allow for increases of 50, 100, 150, & 200 horsepower.

Fuel Line Adapter
The billet aluminum fuel rail adapter makes tapping into your fuel system a snap for adequate fuel supply for your new 2011-2014 Mustang nitrous system. It is CNC machined for a perfect fit and black anodized for long lasting good looks. O-ring connections made sure that you have not fuel leaks from the precision piece. It goes between the fuel supply hose and the fuel rail & includes an extra 1/8" NPT port for use with a pressure gauge (gauge not included).

Custom Solenoid Bracket and Pre-Bent Hardlines
Solenoids are mounted to a custom black anodized solenoids bracket that holds the solenoid assembly to the throttle body. The bracket provides a sturdy foundation to install the pre-bent stainless steel hardlines. The stainless steel lines are hand bent to connect the solenoids to the plate fittings.

Additional Parts Included
This 2011-2014 Mustang Nitrous Kit Wet Plate System also includes all the braided lines, fittings, switches, relays, connectors and hardware you'll need for a basic installation. The kit is adjustable from 50-200 horsepower, but what if 200 horses not enough for you? Not a problem! You can upgrade the stainless braided feed line, bottle nipple and solenoids fittings to support over 400 HP! This Mustang nitrous system solenoids can support up to a 400 horsepower shot, if your fuel system & engine are up to the task. Additional jetting is required for shots over 200 HP. (Please remember that having a properly built engine & adequate fuel system along with a solid computer tune are all absolute necessities with nitrous.)

- 2011-2014 Ford Mustang GT with Stock or Boss 302 Manifold
- 2012-2013 Boss 302
- 2012-2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca

Technical Notes
- When installing nitrous on any car, we strongly recommend that you change to a colder set of spark plugs. Also tune your timing and air fuel ratio accordingly.
- Window switch is strongly recommended for installation.
- This Nitrous Kit includes a WOT microswitch for activating the kit at WOT. For digital TPS activation, you will need to purchase NOS-15982NOS desperately.

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2 of 2 REVIEWS

2 Stars   Not a very good kit.
By on 11/19/2015
There is nothing special about this nitrous kit. It did not come with enough line to mount the bottle on the right side of the trunk, although much time and care was taken to ensure the line was ran in the shortest route possible from the trunk, over the gas tank, and following the factory fuel lines directly to the motor.

This kit is advertised as coming with a "Wide Open Throttle" switch. This is not the case. If you look closely in the picture, you will see that it comes with a basic micro-switch and a flimsy aluminum piece that you are responsible for fabricating into a bracket and mounting under your accelerator pedal.

There is not enough wire supplied with the kit to install the kit. It comes with about 5 feet of remote wire and 5 feet of primary wire. Make sure you have extra wire on hand before you install it.

The color-coded wiring diagram does not match the actual colors used in the supplied relay wiring. Make sure you remove the relay from it's plug and note which colors go to which terminals and wire the relay accordingly, noting that the relay uses normal terminal numbers.

The hard lines will have to be bent/adjusted for them to fit from the plate to the solenoids. Although they are in the ballpark, mine were about an inch off from fitting, resulting in having to bend the lines to match up correctly.

Last but not least, the kit comes in a cardboard box. Inside that box is the bottle, and two cardboard pieces with everything else in the kit heat-wrapped in plastic to the cardboard. The various small wiring pieces, jets, and hardware are put in small zip-lock bags at the factory but they are then heat wrapped in plastic to the cardboard. When you try to remove the zip-lock bags from the plastic, you will notice that the heat has fused the two together and if you are not careful, the jets and other small items will launch themselves across the room.

I originally gave this item a 3-star review but after writing this, I am changing it to two. It is simply not a well put together kit and if I had it to do over, I would purchase another brand kit.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   Perfect Fit, Huge Gains
By on 4/12/2015
Image uploaded by Neal J. This is an amazing system that has perfect fit and finish. All the included parts are top notch and great quality. I spent the extra time to make sure that my system was installed correctly and made sure that all wiring was as concealed as possible.

This is hands now the best nitrous system that I have ever owned. It make amazing power. I can't wait to get the car on the track and see how she does!

Free shipping from Latemodel Restoration keeps the price down as well! I would recommend this to and Boss 302 or GT that is looking to put some added sneaky power in their car!

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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