1987-93 Mustang SVE 5-Lug Conversion Kit, 31 Spline Red by SVE Products

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  • SVE Mustang 5-Lug Conversion Kit, 31 Spline Red (87-93)
SVE Mustang 5-Lug Conversion Kit, 31 Spline Red (87-93)
  • SVE Mustang 5-Lug Conversion Kit, 31 Spline Red (87-93)
  • SVE Mustang 5-Lug Conversion Kit, 31 Spline Red (87-93)

Check out this Red SVE 5-Lug SN95 Brake Upgrade for your 1987-1993 Mustang Fox Body with 31 Spline Axles!

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  • Increased Stopping Power
  • Converts To 5 on 4.5" Lug Pattern
  • Added Exterior Styling


  • 5-Lug, 4 Wheel Disc Conversion
  • 13" Front Rotors
  • Newly Refurbished SN-95 Spindle Assemblies
  • 11.65" Rear Rotors
  • Includes New 31 Spline Axles
  • New Manufactured Calipers

What's in the Box

  • (1) 5-Lug Brake Upgrade Kit

Product Description

31 Spline 5-Lug Conversion Kit
In the absence of the Ford Racing M-2300-K Brake Kit, we assembled this comprehensive SVE Brake Kit to convert your 1987-1993 Fox Mustang from 4-lug to 5-lug four-wheel disc -M2300K Cobra Brakes! This kit is not for the faint of heart, as your stopping power will go from barely noticeable to eyeballs popping out of your head. Check out all the great features of this Mustang Brake Kit:

Front Brakes
The front brakes are 1994-2004 Cobra style. Our SVE Calipers are brand NEW red powder coated units loaded with StopTech Performance Street Pads. Measuring 13" in diameter, the Slotted Rotors come from StopTech. Stainless braided brake hoses connect the calipers to the hard lines & we include the needed adapter fitting to attach the passenger sideline. This kit comes with a set of newly refurbished 96-04 SN-95 Spindles equipped with new hub assemblies and while we were at it, we threw in new caliper bracket to spindle bolts too!

Rear Brakes
The rear brakes are 1994-2004 Cobra style. ur SVE Calipers are brand NEW red powder coated units loaded with StopTech Performance Street Pads. Measuring 11.65" in diameter, the Slotted Rotors come from StopTech. Stainless braided brake hoses connect the calipers to the hard lines & all needed attaching hardware & brackets are included. A braided hose is also included for V8 8.8" Mustangs to connect the body hardline to the axle hardlines. New drum to disc brake conversion hard lines is included!

Master Cylinder & Proportioning Valve
We chose the 1993 Cobra Master Cylinder to compensate for the rear disc & the larger front calipers. Maximum Motorsports 3-port to 2-port conversion kit will get it connected to your stock lines. Because you have to gut your stock proportioning valve, we include our exclusive block off plug to seal the hole. The Ford Racing adjustable proportioning valve will allow you to set your rear brake bias. The “Kneepoint” is adjustable from 100-1000psi.

Parking Brake Cables
Our Parking Brake Cables are a direct replacement for the stock drum brake cables & connect to the car & the calipers with no modification. We include two 87-92 Mustang parking cables and two 93 Mustang parking brake cables. You will only use the cables specific to your year model. E-clips to retain them to the caliper are also included.

Rear Axles & Caliper Brackets
Stock length rear axles? You bet! We utilize the North Racecars rear caliper brackets to allow for the use of stock fox length axles. All needed attaching hardware is included with the brackets. The axles come from Moser, are 31-spline, & feature the stock Fox length as well as an SN95 flange so they are compatible with the disc brake rotor. Also included are 10 new stock replacement lug studs.

Installation Note
From the factory, your car came with a 28 spline differential. Upgrading to a 31 spline differential is required for this kit!

To keep you from having to run to the parts store, we threw in 2 bottles of Royal Purple 75w90 Gear Oil, a bottle of FRPP Friction Modifier, & 2 bottles of Motorcraft PM1C Brake Fluid.

What to do about Spindles?
This kit comes with a set of Refurbished 96-04 SN-95 Spindles. These spindles start life as OEM Ford Cores that are cleaned, media blasted, and thoroughly inspected before re-assembly begins. These spindles are then re-assembled with brand new Hub assemblies with new wheel studs and are finished off with a new dust cap! We recommend the use of 1994-2004 ball joints to attach these spindles to your fox Mustang.

What's In The Box
(2) Red SVE Front Calipers
(2) StopTech Front Rotors
(2) Stainless Front Brake Hoses
(1) LH Refurbished 96-04 Spindle Assembly
(1) RH Refurbished 96-04 Spindle Assembly
(2) Red SVE Rear Calipers
(2) StopTech Rear Rotors
(3) Stainless Rear Brake Hoses
(1) Master Cylinder
(1) Master Cylinder Adapter Kit
(1) Proportioning Valve Plug
(1) Adjustable Proportioning Valve
(2) Rear 31 Spline Axles
(10) Lug Studs
(2) Rear Caliper Flange Kit
(1) Center Parking Brake Cable
(2) 87-92 Mustang Parking Brake Cables
(2) 93 Mustang Parking Brake Cables
(2) Cable e-clips
(2) Bottles Royal Purple Gear Oil
(1) Bottle Friction Modifier
(2) Bottles Brake Fluid
(2) Disc Conversion Hard Lines

Installation Note
Caliper pistons may need to be adjusted/compressed before installation.

- These do not include front or rear dust shields.
- This kit can also be used on all 1979-1986 Mustangs and 1987-93 2.3L Mustangs with the addition of 5.0L front struts. 1987-2004 V8 front brake hose brackets will also need to be sourced used as the 2.3L has a different bracket that is not compatible with the hoses.
-Fits ALL Mustangs equipped with an 8.8 rear end.
-Some Mustangs may require front fender/fenderwell modifications depending on tire size and ride height, especially 1987-90 because of the smaller wheel opening. 1991-93 Mustang has a larger fender opening but still may require modification. Modifications typically consist of trimming the fender & lower front spat for tire clearance, &/or trimming the wheel well liner.

-Fits 1987-1993 Mustang

SVE Products Limited Warranty - Click Here

Wheel Fitment
This brake kit requires 17" or larger wheels for brake clearance.

California Residents:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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