1994-04 Mustang Weld RT-S S71P Wheel Kit - 17x5/15x10 Polished by Weld Racing Wheels

Mustang Weld RT-S S71P Wheel Kit - 17x5/15x10 Polished (94-04)

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  • Weld Mustang RT-S S71P Wheel Kit - 17x5/15x10 Polished (94-04)
  • 1994-04 WELD RT-S - S71 POLISH
  • 1994-04 WELD RT-S - S71 POLISH
Weld Mustang RT-S S71P Wheel Kit - 17x5/15x10 Polished (94-04)
  • Weld Mustang RT-S S71P Wheel Kit - 17x5/15x10 Polished (94-04)
  • 1994-04 WELD RT-S - S71 POLISH
  • 1994-04 WELD RT-S - S71 POLISH

Get a great looking, lightweight wheel setup for your SN95 or New Edge with this 1994-2004 Mustang Weld RTS Wheel Kit!

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  • Light Weight
  • Drag Race Look
  • Quicker E.T.'s
  • Made In USA


  • Polished Finish
  • Classic 5-spoke Star Design
  • 3-Piece Forged Billet

What's in the Box

  • (2) 17x5 Weld RT-S Wheels
  • (2) 15x10 Weld RT-S Wheels

Product Description

Weld RT-S Wheel Kit
Add this 1994-2004 Mustang Weld RT-S wheel kit to your Mustang to clear your big front brake kit! Weld has long been known as the leader in Mustang drag racing performance. The RT-S S71 wheel has become the standard for what racers look for in a drag wheel. This set of Weld RT-S wheels is specifically made to clear the larger 13" front brakes found on many 1994-2004 Mustangs.

Weld RT-S S71 Wheels
The 5-spoke Weld RT-S S71 wheels are sure to turn heads when you're pulling up to the staging lane as well as flying down the track. These 3-piece modular wheels have a black anodized face contrasted by a high polished lip. Weld utilizes a forged billet center with cold forged rim shells for strength and durability. These light weight wheels can handle a hefty 1,580lbs per wheel and 3,160lbs per axle.

Wheel Specs:
Size: 17x5"
Offset: -20mm
Backspacing: 2.2"
Weight: 16.2lbs
Lug Pattern: 5 x 4.5"

Size: 15x10"
Offset: 21mm
Backspacing: 6.5"
Weight: 16.46lbs
Lug Pattern: 5 x 4.5"

Lug Nut Info
Requires the use of 1/2-20 shank style lug nuts WLD-6011456 for the rear 15X10 wheels. 17" Weld RT-S require spline drive lug nuts. Not included.

Does Not Fit
While we do not recommend these wheels be used in the following applications they can be made to work by grinding on the rear outer tie rod as well as the knuckle for clearance. Low profile IRS subframe bolts will be needed as well.

-99-04 Cobra with IRS
-79-04 Mustang with IRS Swap
-Cobra rear brakes require the hex head of the banjo bolt, and the block to be ground down slightly at an angle for clearance!

-Fits 1994-2004 Mustang

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Ford Mustang - 1994 (94) - 1995 (95) - 1996 (96) - 1997 (97) - 1998 (98) - 1999 (99) - 2000 (00) - 2001 (01) - 2002 (02) - 2003 (03) - 2004 (04)

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Weld Racing Wheels
Weld Racing, a market leader in forged wheel technology for your Mustang, was started in 1967. The vision was to build stronger, lighter and truer wheels for both on and off the race track. The technology that dominates Drag Racing and Oval Track Racing is shared with the Car, Truck, and Motorcycle wheel lines. In addition, Weld Racing wheels are newly available for Sand Sports and Off-Road racing.

The Weld Racing organization is a group committed to producing cutting-edge forged alloy wheels of the highest quality to enhance the performance and appearance of race cars, off-road trucks, sand rails, luxury pickups, SUV's, premium motor cars, customs, hot rods, and motorcycles. Shop LatemodelRestoration.com for high quality Weld Racing wheels

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