1979-1984 Mustang Body Molding Replacements - LMR.com

When adding new body moldings to your 1979-1984 Mustang, one of the only options in the aftermarket is 5.0 Resto's body side molding kit. While these do not have the same metal strip in the molding as the originals, they are a great replacement for those looking to restore their Fox Body Mustang.

Our manufacturers used an 84 GT front bumper and a 79-84 rear bumper to get the profiles of the molding matching really closely. One problem they ran into is that there were several front bumper covers over the 79-84 models and non had the same profile where it butts up to the molding. This led them to making a molding that met a happy medium. The rear bumpers did not match the profile of the front bumper in this molding area either.

When purchasing these moldings, there may be a slight difference in profiles depending on the vehicle. Pictured below are extremely low mile, original Fox Mustangs showing this slight imperfection.