AJE Tubular K-Member Install Instructions - LMR.com

Mustang K-Member Installation

1. Jack up car and support with jack stand behind K-member on frame rails
2. If motor is still using stock mounts and motor is still in the car, support motor with an engine hoist
3. Remove front wheels
4. Place jack under lower A-arm. Carefully remove spindle from the ball joint
5. Lower jack slowly. (CAUTION: Spring will still have tension, carefully remove spring with pry bar)
6. Remove rack, pinion and steering shaft.
7. Remove motor mount nuts or bolts.
8. Place jack under center of K-member. Then remove the 8 bolts that attach K-member to frame. Lower Jack.
9. Start installing bolts back into your AJE K-member. Start with driver side front and passenger side front to square K-member in car. Install all bolts in K-member before tightening.
10. Reinstall the rest of your front suspension in opposite order of removal

A-Arms location have slip bushings that close the gaps on a-arms by tightening bolts. When K-member is shipped with control arms, control arm bolts will need to be tightened after K-member is installed. When installation is complete grease ball joints.