Freight Shipment Disclaimer -

Oversized items will be shipped via truck freight for a flat rate fee of $99.00. The following steps are required when receiving a truck freight shipment:

  • Someone must be present in order to sign for the package
  • Open the package and inspect the contents with the driver present
  • Log any and all damage on the receiver’s and driver’s paperwork
  • Make sure the driver signs the delivery receipt with the description of any damage
  • Contact us to let us know about the damage so we can initiate a damage claim for you
  • Take pictures of the damage and forward them to LMR
  • Do not refuse the shipment if there is any damage – it will start to accrue holding fees, and is harder for the freight carrier to locate while working on a damage claim
Receiving your shipment: Please be aware that it is your duty (or the duty of a receiver signing on your behalf) to accept delivery of freight items. The receiver must be present to receive the shipment at the time of delivery.

Inspecting your shipment: It is the receiver’s responsibility to inspect the shipment for damages before the driver leaves the delivery location. Open the package to check the contents and ask the driver to inspect the contents with you (or whomever is receiving the shipment on your behalf) before he leaves. If the shipment has been damaged, both the receiver and the freight carrier driver must write a precise description of the damage on both the receiver’s copy and the freight carrier's copy of the delivery receipt. Failure to inspect for damages at the time of delivery could void any damage claim.

For concealed loss or damage: If after your initial inspection and after the freight carrier driver has departed your delivery location you should discover loss or damage on further inspection, contact us immediately to start a claim with the freight carrier. It is important that you do a thorough inspection as soon as possible after the delivery has been made and contact us immediately if there is any concealed loss or damage. Make every effort to leave the containers and packing materials as they were when you first discovered the loss or damage. Please note that any damage claim made after delivery could result in the claim being voided by the freight carrier.

Shipment refusal: do not refuse the delivery unless you have identified that any damage to the product shipped has made it totally unusable. In case of partial damage or loss, you should accept the entire shipment and determine whether it can be repaired or retained with an allowance. The customer is responsible for any holding or shipping charges on a refused shipment that is undamaged.

Freight Returns and shipment refusals without damage: In the case of a refused freight shipment without damage, the customer will be responsible for the original shipping, shipping of the freight item back to us, and any storage fees if applicable. In addition, the customer may be charged a restocking fee at LMR’s discretion.