Frequently Asked Questions -

Our Frequently Asked Questions are formatted to provide customers with quick answers to question during and after business hours. Please browse our FAQ’s for answers to your questions. If you can not find the answer here you can submit an email to our contact us page.

Order Questions

What is the process for orders?
Once your order is placed, you will receive an email notification with your confirmation. This happens within minutes and contains your confirmation # and an order summary. The order is then picked, packed and shipped by our order fulfillment staff. At this point you will receive two more notification emails; one will contain your order invoice, the other will contain your shipper tracking information which you can use to track your order.

Tracking notifications are sent as soon as they are generated in our warehouse. Although we guarantee same day shipping on orders placed by 3:00pm CST time, tracking information may not be available until the following business day.

Note: All regular ground shipping and expedited orders placed by 3:00pm CST time will ship the same day. All truck freight orders placed by 11:00am CST time will ship the same day.

How can I return an item?
If you have ordered an item you do not need or just changed your mind on, you can return it at any time. We have worked hard to make the return process as simple as the order process. Please see our Return Policy page for complete details.

Why haven't I received my order confirmation?
1. The email was intercepted by a spam filter. Make sure to check your spam or deleted items folder for an email from Late Model Restoration. Although you have received your emails in the past, your email provider may have made a security update that may now send your email to your spam folder.
2. You entered an invalid email address at checkout. 99% of all failed confirmations are due to a typo while entering the email address.

If you still cannot locate the confirmation emails, send us an email to

When will I receive my back ordered items?
Standard back orders will be received into our warehouse within 2-7 business days. These items will be shipped to you immediately once we receive them.

Back orders older than 30 days will be cancelled to eliminate confusion. If this happens you will be notified by the Customer Care Rep assigned to your order. Their information can also be found on your order confirmation for your convenience.

How can I get a tracking number?
All orders placed with a valid email address will receive shipper tracking information automatically via email. This email is dispatched once your order has been invoiced and the tracking #(s) have been generated in our warehouse. Please keep in mind tracking is not typically available until the following business day.

Why haven't I received my order tracking email?
There are several factors that can keep you from receiving your order tracking email. You will not receive your tracking information if:

1. Your order has not yet shipped. The order may have been delayed due to a back order. You will receive your tracking information only after your order ships.
2. You entered an invalid email address at checkout.
3. The email was intercepted by a spam filter. Make sure to check your spam or deleted items folder for an email from the shipper. This information can be obtained from your emailed order invoice.

If you still cannot locate the tracking email, please email your Customer Care Rep. Their information can be easily obtained from your order confirmation.

How can I track my package?
To track your package you can either follow the link provided in the order tracking email or copy the tracking number and paste it into our Order Tracking page.

Why are there items missing from my order?
This is normally caused by items that are back ordered or out of stock. When your order is placed, it is processed and shipped with all items that are currently in stock. The remainder of the order is shipped as it arrives at no additional charge to you. You will also receive with your order the pick sheet used by our order fulfillment staff. You can use this to inventory your items. This pick sheet will NOT show back orders, drop ships or kit part #’s. Please refer to your order invoice for this information.

Another cause for this could be because your order was shipped in more than one box. The boxes are shipped at the same time but the shipper will sometimes deliver the boxes on different days. One way to check this is to look at your shipping label, if it says box 1 of 2 and you only received one box you can rest assured that your additional box should be delivered soon.

If you have received all of your boxes and your emailed invoice does not reflect back ordered or drop shipped items, please contact your Customer Care Representative. Their information can be found on your emailed order confirmation or order invoice.

What if the parts I ordered are out of stock?
When your order is placed, it is processed and shipped with all items that are currently in stock. Although we authorize your card for the complete order, you are only billed for items that are shipped. Our product pages and check out page alerts you to items out of stock. If you are not sure please look over your emailed confirmation that will arrive within minutes of placing your order.

How long does it take to receive my order?
All regular in-stock ground shipping and expedited orders placed before 3:00pm CST time are shipped the same day. All truck freight orders placed before 11:00am CST time are shipped the same day.

We are centrally located in Texas. Due to this, in transit time to your door is typically 3-4 business days from anywhere in the contiguous 48 states. You can also refer to our Shipping Terms page.

All Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico orders require 2nd day air shipping and will arrive accordingly.

Do you accept PayPal payments?
Yes, we accept PayPal.

If shopping here on our website, just click the Check out with PayPal button during our easy check out process. You can also choose bill me later offered through your PayPal account.

Currently, PayPal payments can only be done online at this time. Customer Care Reps are unable to process your PayPal payments over the phone.

Can I Pay With Money Order?
Yes, you can pay with money order. You will need to call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-866-507-3786. They will give you an order number to reference on the money order. Please note if you do not have an order number on your money order, this could cause major delays in the shipping. It is always good practice to include contact information with your money order. This helps us contact you in the event we have questions about your order. If we do not have an order number to reference and you do not include contact information, we will return the money order to the return address.

My credit card charges do not match what I was quoted. Why is that?
When you complete your phone conversation with our Customer Care Representative, we give you a total price and pre-auth your credit card. This is the amount that we "set aside" for 4-5 working days. We have electronically verified that amount of money is in your account, and then we put it on hold. We are the only vendor that can use that money, and if we don't use it at the end of 4-5 working days, it simply goes back to your account for you to use. Since Late Model Restoration only charges your credit card when we ship out the part, there are times that you don't see a charge on the statement due to back orders, or an unforeseen late shipping date. There are situations when we only ship a partial order to you, therefore we only charge for the items that we shipped out. That would give the appearance that we charged the incorrect amount. When the back ordered part arrives, we will charge the remaining amount to the credit card, and the two shipments added together will equal the total amount that you were quoted at the time of sales.

Shipping Questions

What is a back order?
A back order is when you place an order for a part that is out of stock. Once your order is placed we order, or back-order, the part from our supplier and then ship it to you.

Back orders older than 30 days will be cancelled to eliminate confusion. If this happens you will be notified by email and will be able to place your order at a later date.

What is a drop ship?
A drop ship is when part of your order is shipped directly from the manufacturer. This process is usually faster than having the manufacturer ship the part to us first. Not all manufacturers offer drop shipments. In this case we must back-order the item. Our product page will indicate when an item is a drop ship by the box that states “Ship from vendor in ?? business days.”

Can I get the military discount?
To show our appreciation, we do offer a military discount to active duty soldiers. This discount code is only available through a Customer Care Rep. Please have your military ID handy.

Do military get free shipping?
Shipping is free to all customers in the 48 contiguous states and APO/FPO addresses on orders $35 or more. Orders that contain items that must be shipped via truck freight will have a one-time $80 fee added to their order. A $4.99 handling fee is added to orders that are less than $35. Direct overseas shipping is not available.

Does LMR ship internationally?
LMR does not offer international shipping. We do ship to freight forwarding companies for free; however, you will need to set up the freight forwarding company as a verified shipping address on your USA based credit card or PayPal account. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at

Website Questions

The price on the website is different than the price in my catalog or magazine. Which one is right?
Since our catalogs are generally only printed once per year and magazine ads are printed 3 months after ads are submitted, prices could have changed from the printing date to the current date. Because our website is linked to our accounting and inventory software, the pricing on the web will always be the most current.

I forgot my password. What should I do?
Go to the Forgot Password page to have it emailed to you.

There is an error on a part. What should I do?
If there is an error on any of the items in our inventory click the report an error link on the same page as the item. Errors are usually fixed within 24 hours. Once the error is fixed you will receive email notification.

Which side do you mean when you say RH and LH?
The easiest way is just to imagine that you are sitting in the driver's seat. LH items would be at the left hand or driver's side. RH items would be at the right hand or passenger's side.