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Mustang Seat Guide - LMR.com

1979-93 Mustang

1979-93 Mustang Sport Seat
Sport Seat
1979-93 Mustang Standard Seat
Standard Seat

  1. All 1985-93 GT Mustangs came equipped with sport seating.
  2. All non-V8 1984-93 Mustangs came equipped with standard seating.
  3. 1983-84 GT's and any 1984-93 LX 5.0L model could have either. Look for the following features to help you determine what you have...
    1. All sport seats have a knob on the side of the seat for bolster adjustment.
    2. All 1984-91 sport seats have a pull-out leg rest.
    3. All 1984-86 sport seats have a Halo head rest
    4. All 1987-89 sport seats have a LARGE head rest
    5. All 1990-93 sport seats have a small head rest
    6. All 1987-93 sport seats have an adjustable lumbar.

1994-04 Mustang

1994-04 Mustang Sport Seat
Sport Seat
1994-04 Mustang Standard Seat
Standard Seat

  1. All 1994-04 Cobra Mustangs came equipped with sport seating.
  2. All non-V8 1994-04 Mustangs came equipped with standard seating.
  3. 1995-97 GT's (GTS models) could have had either.

Frequently Asked Upholstery Questions

I need the whole seat. Can you help me?
Our upholstery kits are designed to re-cover your original frames. If your original frames are broken, or if you would just like an entirely new seat, we offer complete aftermarket replacements from Corbeau.

Can I buy just the fronts?
We don't recommend it. You may think your original rear seat looks OK now, but when you put it next to a new front set; you will change your mind. Unfortunately, ordering the front and rear seats separately is costly. Also, ordering separately may cause color inconsistencies that are out of our control. By far the best value is achieved by ordering the complete front and rear set.

Am I going to get the right color?
All of our upholstery is made specifically for you! Therefore, it is non-refundable and non-returnable. We insist on mailing a free color swatch to you before the order is placed. We want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need to make your car look and feel better.

Do you keep upholstery in stock?
Since upholstery is special order, it is not cut until you order it. It will be delivered straight from the manufacturer. Expect 3-4 weeks for delivery. Don't worry it will be worth the wait!

Is there a warranty?
Absolutely! There is a two year manufacturer's warranty covering torn seams, splitting, and various other defects in workmanship. Damages and stains are not covered.