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Mustang Shifter Info - LMR.com

1994-04 V8 5-Speed Mustangs come with two possible transmission options. Most 99-01 models have the T-45, and most 02-04 models have the 3650, however, we have seen either transmission in either year range. You MUST verify your vehicle's transmission style to insure proper shifter application. Please refer to the following illustration to verify which shifter your car needs. Measure from the flat mounting surface of the shifter to the end of the shift lever's ball tip. If your transmission is a 3650, this length should be 1.125", if it's a T-45, this measurement will be 1.5". LATEMODEL RESTORATION SUPPLY, INC. WILL NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED SHIFTERS, so make sure to check yours before ordering and/or installing. For tech help, call (254)296-6690!