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Continental Warranty - LMR.com

Warranty Contact Info:
If you have a warranty concern or question, please contact us via phone at (254) 296-6500 or via email at productsupport@lmr.com.

Continental Products Warranty

ContiTech Limited Warranty

CRP Industries Inc. warrants that the ContiTech Timing Belts and Timing Belt Kits sold by it are free from defects in material and/or workmanship when subject to normal and proper use for the life of the goods as specified in the current version of the CRP Import Belts & Belt Kits Catalog or the CRP Belts & Belt Kits Catalog or for a maximum of 5 (five) years after the date of shipment, whichever occurs first.

CRP Industries Inc. will replace, at its sole option, free of charge all ContiTech Timing Belts or Timing Belt Kit components, or parts thereof upon (i) written notification concerning the claimed defect, (ii) return of items to be replaced, if requested by CRP Industries Inc and (iii) when CRP Industries Inc.’s inspection discloses any such defects. The labor required to remove the component from a vehicle is not reimbursable.

This non-transferable warranty does not cover defects (i) due to failure to use the ContiTech Timing Belt or Timing Belt Kits for its intended purpose, (ii) resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, unauthorized alteration, outside influences (such aschemical contamination, overheating, or foreign particles in the timing belt drive) or (iii)because the ContiTech Timing Belt or Timing Belt Kit was not installed and maintained in accordance with vehicle manufacturers’ instructions, nor re-inspected or re-tensionedas needed. If the vehicle the ContiTech Timing Belt or Timing Belt Kit is installed on is used in performance driving events or if the failure is caused by improper driver inputs such as misshifts or over revving the engine the warranty will be null and void as well.

Veyance Technologies Serpentine Belt Warranty

Until the earlier of twelve (12) months from the date of installation or eighteen (18) months from customer’s receipt of the Product(s), Seller warrants good and free title in the Product(s) and that the Product(s) will conform to Seller’s published specifications, if any exist, or to such other specifications the parties have agreed upon in a single writing signed by both an officer of Seller and an authorized representative of Buyer. Product(s) will conform to such specifications according to established tests performed under controlled laboratory conditions and specific test requirements. These tests are intended to reflect the performance of the Product(s) under controlled laboratory conditions rather than actual use conditions. Performance of the Product(s) under actual use conditions or as a component in a finished product, may not necessarily meet the test requirements. Due to the number and variety of applications for which the Product(s) sold hereunder may be purchased and because Seller has no control over (or knowledge of) the conditions under which the Product(s) may be used by others, Seller makes no recommendation, warranty or representation as to the suitability of the Product(s) for Buyer's application, use, end-product, process or combination with any other product or substance, or as to any results Buyer might obtain in Buyer’s use(s) for the Product(s).